Passkey Launches Innovative Real-Time Group Tracking Technology

  • Passkey (now a part of Lanyon)
  • 06.30.09
Passkey, a worldwide leader in online group reservations, announced the launch of Live Dashboards, its innovative real-time event and group tracking technology.

Passkey is releasing two types of dashboards: event dashboards, which allow meeting planners and hotel staff to track and manage individual events in real time, and hotel dashboards, which allow hotel staff to monitor and maximize their group performance, also in real time.

β€œI love Passkey's Event Dashboards," said Sharon Dukes, senior director, meeting management with National Association of Manufacturers. "They are fantastic. It's so simple for me to go to only one page and get all the information I need for my event. I think it also makes it easier for hotel group coordinators because now I don't have to call them all the time to get the information I want. I wish all hotels would get on board and use Passkey. It would make my life a whole lot easier.”

Event Dashboards provides meeting planners a user-friendly, real-time visual snapshot of their event, allowing them to easily track and manage their events anytime without having to constantly call the hotel for updates. With dashboards, planners and hotels can easily access the tools and information they need to maximize their events, including critical metrics such as block pickup, delegate lists, reservation pace, revenue and an event timeline, as well as the ability to manage reservations and rooming lists online.

Importantly, since dashboards are deployed across multiple hotel brands, properties and meeting destinations, planners can toggle their dashboard from event to event, allowing them to track all of their events in one place, regardless of the venue or destination.

While event dashboards track performance on an event-by-event basis, Passkey's Hotel Dashboards allow hotels to monitor and optimize all of their events from one screen.

"Hotel Dashboards has become an integral tool at several of our internal meetings," said Trish Rist, director of revenue at Hyatt Regency Denver. β€œIt gives us easy access to very important information regarding all of our group's performance as well as the ability to drill down for more information when needed. Given the current challenges and economic trends, this is now more important than ever."

With Hotel Dashboards, hotel staff and management can enjoy a consolidated, real-time view of all their group business in one screen. This provides them important insights into their groups, such as tracking performance trends, viewing each event's metrics and forecasting future group business. With this real-time tracking capability hotels can easily address any potential inventory availability issues, track overall group trends and identify up-sell opportunities. This allows them to make better decisions on inventory allocation, rate management and incremental revenue.

In addition, Hotel Dashboards lets hotels monitor in real-time critical business metrics such as reservation cost savings, up-sell revenue, and group LOS and ARD, information which is invaluable in maximizing a hotel's group performance.

"Live dashboards completely transform how planners monitor their events and hotels manage their group business," said Greg Pesik, president and CEO of Passkey. "This new business intelligence technology is absolutely essential in today's group market, where planners are demanding convenient access to information, and hotels are competing to offer the best service to their meeting clientele. Simply stated, dashboards help ensure event success for meeting planners while boosting group profitability for hotels. It's the proverbial win-win.”

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