Travel Intelligence Group Partners With RateTiger to Enhance Competitive Positioning

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  • 07.01.09
The Travel Intelligence Group (TIG) has implemented market-leading benchmarking solutions to increase the competitiveness of the hotel products it offers.

The online distributor of boutique and luxury hotels has subscribed to RTWeb from provider RateTiger. The RTWeb application collects data in real time to ensure information is relevant and representative of current market conditions. It allows internet travel providers to compare hotel offerings for listed properties across various distribution platforms.

The Travel Intelligence Group has currently enlisted 400 hotel properties which need to be benchmarked across six channels and three geographical regions. The partnership with RateTiger will enable Travel Intelligence to benchmark its website against direct competitors (other TPIs) and thus ensure it retains its competitive position in the market place.

Marin Muyser, CEO of the Travel Intelligence Group, said, “We have seen business considerably increase over the past 12 months, making it more essential than ever to benchmark individual properties as well as monitor our online traffic and competitors’ offerings.

“Today, it is critical that our hotel partners adhere to rate parity," he continued. "In today’s market, without benchmarking it is impossible for us to ensure optimal product positioning, and, therefore, guarantee a competitive offering to our customers. RateTiger has proven that it can provide intelligent products to police rate parity, and RTWeb reduces manual checks and balances. Now we can take a more holistic view of the luxury online market place and ensure we offer consumers a competitive product.”

Online hotel bookings in 2008 represented 26 percent of the travel buying market, and with hundreds of TPIs across the world offering products to consumers, the Internet has become an increasingly competitive sales platform.

Sascha Hausmann, RateTiger COO said, “Online businesses cannot expect to get buyers so easily anymore without doing their homework. Hoteliers and consumers are becoming intelligent in the way they make use of the Internet and it is essential TPIs understand precisely what their competitors and customers are doing. Travel Intelligence can now take advantage of online real-time data that can help them make strategic decisions quickly and confidently.”

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