Strato Hotel Consultants Launched

  • Strato Hotel Consultants
  • 07.02.09
In today’s dynamic world of hospitality, many forward-thinking hotel owners are learning that working with a creative team of consultants with credentials in every aspect of hotel disciplines, is an opportunity to increase sales and revenue, while keeping overhead low.

As such, many small and independent hotel owners are tapping into the innovative and strategic solutions that an experienced team can offer, and Strato Hotel Consultants is being launched to help hotel owners achieve excellence in every facet of their properties.

The team members of Strato Hotel Consultants (SHC) have formidable hospitality backgrounds that draw not simply from years of on-property training, but also, from the far-sighted perspective that comes with corporate-level management and broad-spectrum industry experience.  Founding principals of Strato Hotel Consultants, Stephen Beck and Karima Zaki, in particular have over 40 years of on-property background, combined with a large team of consultants across the country that can evaluate, identify, recommend and execute any need for a property owner, in the arenas of: 

  • Sales, marketing and public relations/communications
  • Operations and management
  • Legal
  • Food and beverage
  • Human resources
  • Revenue maximization/yield management/asset management
  • Full service, limited service, extended-stay
  • Architecture and interior design

Founder, Stephen Beck explained, “The ingenious reality of today is that the Internet serves as a great leveler.  The consumer is now dictating the decision-making process of the purchase and they are talking to each other directly via social-networking.  In addition, they are extremely vocal about their likes/dislikes and wants/needs.  We saw an opportunity to build upon this foundation:  to be an advocate for the independent, boutique-style or franchised small operator.  Since SHC is not aligned with any one company, the hotel owner will quickly realize we are here to support them for the long haul and at a price point that they are comfortable with.”

Strato Hotel Consultants strives to bring the best of their experience and knowledge to small and mid-size properties while keeping expenses and costs low enough to make them affordable to hotel owners.  Any consultant can quickly evaluate with ownership to identify what areas can be improved and how and also assist with the execution if desired by hotel owner.  Strato Hotel Consultants can perform a broad array of reviews to include one-on-one sessions, department, team and entire enterprise evaluation and training/coaching.  Strato Hotel Consultants can create a customized training program that can position any organization to excel ahead of the competition.

Founder, Karima Zaki said, “The David and Goliath model seems to be developing right in front of our eyes and the customer is championing the process.  An intuitive and creative strategy coupled with the ability to execute efficiently and quickly can drive a small hotel to superior market performance.  The reality is that today’s customer is caring less and less about brand and more and more about the experience.  And, they will tell all that will listen about their experience, good or bad.”

Zaki continued, “ As Strato Hotel Consultants aligns itself  quickly with hotel owners, SHC will be enabled to achieve their goals and objectives in a manner that doesn’t get cluttered with a format that isn’t forward-thinking and relevant to today’s guest and customer.”

Strato Hotel Consultants already has a number of hotel clients in Southern California, and with its team of consultants spread throughout the United States can easily assist the smaller and mid-size hotel owners with an extended team that ultimately becomes a consulting partner.

Recognizing that information is so fast moving today, SHC has already indentified the need to bring hoteliers together to get educated on relevant issues.  The first SHC educational event is being held in San Diego July 8 and the topic is "Social Media Explosion meets Hotel Marketing."  This is an interactive workshop, meant to demystify this growing phenomenon and enable hoteliers to get answers and to question pertinent to their unique situation. 

Strato Hotel Consultants strives to fulfill any hotel owners needs with a creative and knowledgeable approach to all issues that a hotel may be facing with only one goal in mind: to ensure that all properties are performing to optimum levels and satisfaction of ownership.

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