Concierges Bid Farewell to Log Books at The Dorchester

  • GoConcierge
  • 07.15.09
Since the opening of The Dorchester in 1931 and up until just a few months ago, the concierges had always used a paper-based, log book system to track tasks such as car and restaurant reservations.

According to Suzanne Pentecost, concierge coordinator at the prestigious hotel on Park Lane, there have been many occasions when more than one concierge has needed access to a log book at the same time. However, thanks to installation of Web-based GoConcierge, The Dorchester has gone paperless and is eliminating some of the inefficiencies that had the potential to impact guest service. Produced by Los Angeles-based, GoConcierge is one of the lodging industry’s leading guest service operations systems.

“There were times when five to eight people were accessing just one book,” Pentecost explained. “Sometimes it was difficult to read another person’s writing. Some of our concierges have been here for many years but they quickly embraced GoConciege. I had to laugh when I was asked by a team member, ‘What did we do before GoConcierge?’ The system is so easy to use that even people with very little computer experience can use it. I believe that it has helped the department run more smoothly, due to the fact that every team member can be logged in to the system at the same time and see any changes that have been made. GoConcierge gives us more time to focus our attention on where it should be; on our guests!”

“The Dorchester is an amazing hotel and we are proud to know that GoConcierge is adding efficiencies and allowing the team to provide such a personalized guest experience,” said Adam Isrow, executive vice president of “The property that is so well known for hosting world leaders and celebrities can more easily treat all of its guests like royalty.”

GoConcierge makes it easy for The Dorchester’s concierge team to log and track guest requests. The software’s color coded system allows them to highlight open, pending and closed tasks. With just a few clicks, these can be entered and located. Because histories of guests’ requests are stored in GoConcierge, one can quickly recall the specifics of what was previously arranged for each guest. With GoConcierge, one can also easily generate itineraries. These can be printed or e-mailed in a matter of seconds along with a personalized confirmation letter on stationery that includes the hotel’s logo. Point-to-point directions and maps can also be generated easily.

Five concierges during the day and two at night currently use GoConcierge. The hotel’s chauffeurs also have access to the system.

“Chauffeurs can now communicate with one another through GoConcierge and check on their assignments,” Pentecost said.

Suzanne added that the hotel is in the process of integrating GoConcierge into other departments: reception, switchboard, sales and marketing, along with security and their lost and found system. Approximately 40 to 50 people are currently learning the software.

A customized location database within GoConcierge enables The Dorchester’s concierges to quickly identify area restaurants and attractions. Shortcut buttons on the GoConcierge screen take them to Web sites used most often. Reports available within GoConcierge show Pentecost and her colleagues the volume of reservations made for the hotel’s restaurants and spa, and for businesses outside the hotel. GoConcierge provides an at-a-glance view of how much activity each team member is tracking.

“We really value GoConcierge’s reporting capability,” Pentecost said. “It has helped streamline the hotel’s accounting process. We can also determine which of our cars are being used the most. Before GoConcierge, I had to go through the diary and count every single car reservation. Now I can generate a report very easily, freeing up my time to concentrate on our guests’ requests.”

“In a very short time, The Dorchester is benefiting from Web-based technology that can dramatically transform the way a hotel operates,”’s Isrow said. “Guests at The Dorchester expect a luxury experience and GoConcierge is a tool to help concierges achieve that. In a market as competitive as London, and given today’s economic environment, gaining a competitive edge is very important.”

“Our guests expect seamless service,” Pentecost said. “GoConcierge helps us deliver that. It has truly added value to the multiple departments throughout our operation.”   

The Dorchester is just one property in the Dorchester Collection of hotels that is currently using GoConcierge. The others include the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles and The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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