Trust International Implements Trust|Connect PMS Interface with protel for New Customer Classical Hotels

  • Trust International
  • 07.24.09
Trust International announced that it has successfully implemented a new interface connecting their Voyager Central Reservation System (CRS) to the property management systems (PMS) by German protel hotelsoftware GmbH.

The latest addition to the Trust|Connect PMS services has been developed for Trust’s and protel’s common user Classical Hotels, one of the largest luxury hotel companies in Greece with landmark hotels such as the King George Palace in Athens.

The interface with protel enables Classical Hotels, with hotels in Greece, Turkey, Serbia and Bulgaria, to load their PMS data into the Trust|Voyager CRS in a fraction of the normal time, streamlining their operation on a daily basis.

“We know that process efficiency can make or break a hotel—today more than ever,” says Manfred Osthues, co-founder and managing director of protel. “At protel, we never lose sight of the most important purpose of our software: to optimize our customers’ workflows and thus improve their operational effectiveness. We are pleased that with Trust we have found a partner who shares our goal.”

“Our newly built interface between the protel PMS and the Voyager|CRS is just one more example of our ongoing efforts to help hotels improve efficiencies and, ultimately, their bottom line,” said Richard Wiegmann, COO and managing director Trust International. ”The protel interface has eliminated the labor and time-intensive process of updating the CRS with the latest rate and availability decisions manually. In addition, by automating this process, it greatly reduces the potential for errors while providing Classical Hotels with more accurate, up-to-the-minute rates and availability. Melding innovation and experience with our partners, we offer yet one more way to help hotels save significant time, money and manpower—truly a win-win situation for all of us.”

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