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Capton’s Beverage Tracker a Hit with Ham’s Restaurants

  • Capton
  • 11.10.06
Capton announced that Ham’s Restaurants has successfully completed an implementation of the Beverage Tracker solution in several of its largest restaurant locations.

Steve Stern, COO of Ham’s Restaurants said, “We were seeing a rising liquor cost trend in some of our high volume bar locations. We knew that over pouring and free drinks were the primary problem. We needed a tool that would help us fix these problems. After installing Beverage Tracker, our liquor costs immediately dropped 3 to 4 points, which brought those locations back in line with our standards.”

Ham’s implemented the system initially in their Richmond, Charlotte and High Point locations. Stern said, “We told the bartenders how the system could be used to spot over pouring and free drinks - and the problems went away. From an operational perspective, the system is very easy to use and well designed for assuring control without impacting guest experience. There were no adverse customer reactions or complaints at all. We wanted to make sure our guests did not perceive the system as an intrusion on their experience.”

The system was sold and installed by Southeast POS, a value-added reseller of Capton. Steve Stern said that Ham’s has worked for years with Southeast POS and has a valued relationship. “When they showed us the Capton solution, we knew we had some ideal situations to test it in.”
Scott Martiny, CEO of Capton said, “Southeast Point of Sale is one of dozens of great local teams we are partnering with across the United States to bring RFID-based beverage control to every size bar and restaurant operation.”

Beverage Tracker utilizes patented, spout-embedded RFID technology to measure and thereby monitor on behalf of management, every drink poured by a bartender. The environment for mistakes in a free pour bar operation changes dramatically with the implementation of a Capton solution. Back office reports showing exactly when problems or potential mistakes occur, are quickly and easily accessible by management from their PC’s. The result is typically a 20-30 percent improvement in the operating margin for a standard bar environment. For an organization like Ham’s, this can translate into over $100,000 per year for each high volume location.

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