PMWorks Adds Efficiency, Capital Savings for Hotels

  • MTech, A Division of Newmarket® International, Inc
  • 08.11.09
At a time when every penny counts, PMWorks, the preventive-maintenance solution from MTech, is streamlining property efficiencies and protecting long-term capital investments for hotels.

MTech is a leading provider of guest-response and preventive-maintenance solutions for the worldwide hotel industry.

Raleigh, N.C.-based hotel management company Winston Hospitality is one such client. “We welcome Winston Hospitality to our PMWorks family,” said Luis Segredo, MTech president. “Management companies looking to grow, particularly with a diverse portfolio, need tools to help them manage the growth and justify it.  With PMWorks, Winston Hospitality can show owners how they are protecting their properties and saving them costly repair dollars.  As a subscription service that has been proven across many brands, PMWorks can meet Winston Hospitality’s needs at the property level and provide the corporate office with operational and strategic reports.

“MTech continues to add management companies to its growing list of PMWorks users, even in this economic climate, because staffing cuts are requiring automation to help keep service and product levels high,” he added.

Michael Heeden, president of Winston Hospitality, says that the proactive nature of PMWorks helps keep their hotels looking in great shape.

“We use PMWorks for everything from plumbing and paint touch-up to case goods and the HVAC system,” Heeden said. “HVAC is really important because if it were to malfunction, it affects air quality and the noise is the number one complaint from guests.”

Brand quality assurance marks most often fall in the outstanding range for Winston Hospitality properties. Heeden anticipates property mechanical systems will see fewer repairs and have a longer shelf life if each hotel follows the planned preventive maintenance program and PMWorks schedule.

Clyde Edson, PMWorks national accounts manager and Winston Hospitality liaison, explained that PMWorks enables management companies to better manage the scheduling processes.

“The system provides a work load-balanced schedule that lets you focus on the work that needs to be done,” Edson said. “Time is no longer wasted preparing a complex schedule that must include critical reminders for life, health and safety. They are all there, in the system. It’s a cost-effective solution for management companies that demand corporate-driven quality and consistency across a multibranded portfolio.”

There are four steps to implementing PMWorks at a hotel:

  1. Enroll the property by faxing or e-mailing a signed agreement.
  2. Complete the Web data collection wizard. This is a simple and fast  prompted collection of data. The hotelier is asked what the equipment is called (ice machine one) and where it’s located (Cabana Bar). A list of guestroom numbers completes the set up. On average a 100-room property will take about two or three hours to set the entire program up.
  3. Data is sent to a regional person, or back to the general manager for a quick review to make sure the data is complete.
  4. The following Monday the hotel will receive its first work order packet VIA e-mail.

When the schedule is in place, hotels receive weekly service orders via e-mail. Each service includes step-by-step instructions on how to do the job right the first time. As technicians complete tasks, they close orders from any touch-tone phone or Web browser. Every week new orders are sent to the property. Included are tasks not completed during previous weeks so nothing falls through the cracks. The management company receives an email showing what properties are keeping up and which are falling behind.

“We receive status reports [green, yellow or red] to see which tasks are completed and which are not,” Heeden said. “PMWorks customizes the process to fit the needs of each hotel. It generates the work orders once a week and let’s us know where we are in the process. We use PMWorks in all of our hotels, have it ready to go at our properties under construction, and plan to use it in all of our new hotels.

“It takes a lot of the guess work out of the PM program and keeps us on top of critical life, health and safety PM’s,” he added.

Winston Hospitality offers hospitality services including management, development, rehabilitation, repositioning and hotel ownership.  Its senior management team brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to each of these areas and is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of guests and its partners. Its current portfolio includes four hotels, and at press time it was due to open one more, Heeden said.

Since 1993, MTech has developed and installed solutions to help hotels work smarter — not harder. The company serves more than 1,800 hotels in over 40 countries.  Focused on improving guest service by improving efficiency, MTech offers HotSOS, PMWorks, REX and now Libra OnDemand. All MTech solutions are enterprise level, SaaS solutions that offer maximum value with limited investment.  MTech also provides consulting and training services to help customers achieve maximum value from their investments.  It serves its customers from data centers in Miami, Las Vegas and Hong Kong, and its company headquarters are in Miami.

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