Intelity Partners with MTech to Improve Guest Services for Customers

  • MTech, A Division of Newmarket® International, Inc
  • 08.19.09
Orlando-based Intelity, a leading provider of interactive guest self-service tools for the hospitality industry, has partnered with MTech, one of the hotel industry’s premier providers of Internet-enabled, enterprise-level quality and customer relationship management applications, to provide a true best-of-breed inroom guest self-service tool.

The result is a combination that allows guests to more freely request services without having to speak to anyone, something that the younger generations prefer.

The interfaced technologies – HotSOS (pronounced “hot sauce”) from MTech and ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) from Intelity – work together from the point of guest request and selection of services to the supplying of the amenity or service to the storing of important guest data. The upshot to hoteliers is increased hotel revenues, increases in occupancy and revenue per available room (REVPAR) and satisfied guests who become repeat customers. ICE interfaces with the hotel guest while HotSOS expedites guest requests in a way that makes ICE a better product.

“We are proud to enter into a partnership with Intelity,” said Luis Segredo, president of MTech. “HotSOS brings to the table a well-rounded, robust solution that fills guest requests and solves problems when they occur. In this economic environment, it is quintessential to make guests happy, to attend to their needs in a speedy fashion – and when you do, your hotel will stand out from competitors and realize marketshare gains in revenue and occupancy.”

According to David Adelson, president and chief executive officer of Intelity, HotSOS expands the capabilities of Intelity’s ICE, which does have its own workflow tool. “Intelity’s customers ask for HotSOS,” he said. “Its customers, and its customer’s customers – the hotel guests – get more value from the unified solution. This gives Intelity the opportunity to go after new markets. And, likewise for MTech. This is a true best-of-breed solution.”

ICE begins the process in the guestroom and can be used in one of two ways. The first is through connection, a laptop or personal computer within the guestroom. The second way stresses mobility, where the guest accesses ICE through a PDA or smart phone. This first step is communication between the guest and the hotel.

Using ICE, the guest has myriad options. If he or she is attending a conference, for example, there is a mail option that tracks activities. Guests can receive direct messaging from hotel staff, meeting planners and other event attendees and guests. They also can check the local weather in real time, book and check on flight information (including the printing of boarding passes, and access to arrivals, departures and flight status). Guests can pre-plan meals and events, requesting meal times, valet parking and housekeeping services when the room is unoccupied.

It goes right down to specific requests: spas, dining, transportation, scheduling events or even buying tickets. “Guests have access to everything they want, when they want it,” Adelson said. “It allows guests to book everything, even the extras, with confidence and ease. Guests can request everything from wake-up calls, to airline information to ordering a toothbrush. Requesting items has never been easier or more secure.”

Adelson said the ICE-19 customized touch-screen technology makes the system easy to use. Everything is ordered with the swipe of a finger,” he said. “And the systems are easy on the eyes, too. Each interface [in-room or mobile] is designed to meet or exceed the hotel’s brand and amenity standards. It’s really the best in an elegant, usable design.”

HotSOS adds the muscle. “HotSOS adds value to what we offer and makes for a better solution,” Adelson said. “Between our two companies there are economies of scale and customer bases that we can approach now because we compliment each other. Our technology is a true guest-facing forward module in the room. MTech supplies the operations and satisfies the guests.”

HotSOS interfaces with hotel’s PMS. It communicates directly with staff via hand-held technology - a cell phone, for example. It also relays back to the PMS key information in real time when attendants log the completion of their task. Essentially, after a guest-request is sent through ICE, HotSOS in real time schedules it for completion and gets the order or ticket, out to hotel staff. Once a staff member completes the task, the task is closed. This allows management staff to know exact times of scheduling and completion of tasks.

According to Segredo, the system is easy to use. “HotSOS is the cutting-edge technology in ticketing solutions to guest requests and needs. And it’s easy on the eyes, like ICE – it uses icons and touch-screens to make it easy to use,” he said.

Adelson said HotSOS is one of the most versatile systems of its kind on the market. “It goes way beyond ticketing technology,” he said. "The HotSOS port gives guests greater value for their traveling dollar, and it is a great value for our hotel customers. Our combined technologies result in a better guest experience. Every request is closed out on a timely basis.”

Importantly, HotSOS also logs all activity in a guest history profile, making it easy for properties to anticipate guest’s special needs prior to checkin. All special amenities and services are at the guest’s fingertips before he or she makes a request.

“Our partnership with MTech has expanded the horizons of our current system,” Adelson said. “By uniting these two systems we can take hotels into a new future of complete guest satisfaction, and that translates into higher occupancies, improved revenues and better REVPAR. It’s a solid team to have in place at your hotel or resort.”

Since 1993, MTech has developed and installed solutions to help hotels work smarter — not harder. The company serves more than 1,800 hotels in over 40 countries.  Focused on improving guest service by improving efficiency, MTech offers HotSOS, PMWorks, REX and now Libra OnDemand. All MTech solutions today are enterprise-level, SaaS solutions that offer maximum value with limited investment.  MTech also provides consulting and training services to help customers achieve maximum value from their investments.  It serves its customers from data centers in Miami, Las Vegas and Hong Kong, and its company headquarters are in Miami.

Intelity, headquartered in Orlando, Fla., is a hospitality software solution company focused on the self-service marketplace. Currently, Intelity is distributing ICE and its corresponding ICE Control System, ICS, backbone system to hotel and resort partners. Intelity designs its software/hardware products with a focus on guest service, quality feedback and direct consumer marketing.

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