TTI Offers At Home Experience with Entire Windows System on Business Center PCs

  • TTI Technologies International
  • 08.28.09
TTI Technologies International has made guest computing even easier – especially for international travelers – by deploying new business center software that gives guests a virtual home office experience by providing them with the entire Windows System on the PC desktop.

Users instantly recognize the desktop and can select their browser of choice (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari), and open/edit documents in their preferred program.

TTI provides self-service solutions to hotels, resorts and hostels that are easy to operate, require minimal staff interaction, and include design, installation and on-going 24/7/365 management and support. Solutions include: driver’s license, passport and ID scanners; self-service business centers; boarding pass printing stations; self-service concierge and more.

“Basically the entire Internet and desktop will be at the guest’s disposal, making it far more user-friendly than most other business center environments,” said Alex Lerner, TTI chief technology officer. “Now travelers are browsing and communicating 100 percent like they would from their own home or office PC. By providing guests with a familiar desktop, it completely personalizes their computing experience and instantly makes communicating and conducting business remotely much more convenient and stress free.”

Lerner explained that with traditional business center environments, attempting to access e-mail could be confusing to guests because each desktop looks different, depending on the company providing the service at the hotel. For international travelers, this confusion doubles when facing language barriers. Therefore, TTI provides a link to a virtual multilingual keyboard that enables users to communicate and work in their language of choice. It’s a fast, easy application that makes a big impact on the travelers’ experience.

“Eliminating the confusion for guests means eliminating or lessening the need for a full-time business center attendant,” Lerner said. “In today’s economy, cutting costs while improving guest service is key to stability.”

Tara Quinones, business center concierge for the Park Central Hotel in New York, concurred. Park Central is one of the first of three hotels to install the new TTI Business Center software. Quinones said before the trial, a good part of her time was spent assisting guests with questions once they logged onto a computer. Now there is a significant decrease in questions and an increase in guest satisfaction.

“Almost routinely I would hear guests ask: ‘Now What?  How do I access my e-mail?  Where do I go from here?’ after they logged on," Quinones said. “Once TTI installed the globally familiar desktop on our business center PCs, almost instantly, the questions about access stopped. This new format frees up my time considerably and now I am able to provide better customer service and assist with other concierge and business center duties. It’s refreshing for me and a real time-saver for guests.” 

In addition to the Park Central Hotel, TTI also has installed this new tool at a Hostelling International location and the Paramount Hotel, both in Manhattan. Once the trial is complete, TTI will begin a system wide rollout of the new business center software to all hotels nationally and internationally.  Deployment is expected to be complete within six months.

According to TTI’s vice president sales and marketing, Bridget Oliva-Werba, when a guest sits down at a computer, he or she will click on the screen and payment instructions will pop up. Once the payment is processed, a clock will appear at the bottom of the screen and will tick down the remaining usage time. When a guest logs off of the business center PC, all data is cleaned. Should a user remove an icon by accident, the entire desktop along with its applications will be refreshed and restored to the original setup.

“Upon request, specific sites can be restricted making the business center more family oriented,” Oliva-Werba said. “We put a special emphasis on safety by adding security software and restrictions that will clean all information from user to user while keeping it easy to use with familiar applications.”

TTI offers lucrative commissions off the revenues from the business center to qualifying hotels. Incremental revenues also can be generated by the hotel via advertising opportunities sold by TTI. 

In addition to achieving increased guest service and supplemental revenues, the new TTI Business Center software also provides the hotel with the latest software development tools available on the market. This is a quick and no cost way to upgrade business center equipment.

“TTI owns the licensing code for our business center software,” said Steve Blidner, TTI president. “This is very important. Let’s say a hotel wants us to interface our business center software with their property management system. No problem. Owning the code gives us the flexibility to work with any hotel, unlike other companies who are at the mercy of outside partners to provide them with licensed software and perform any upgrades.

“Also, because our system is modular and built on .Net technology, it is very easy for us to modify features and elements as needed or required by our hotels,” Blidner added. “Whether the hotel decides to change its revenue model for business center services, implement free boarding pass printing, or add special features.  It’s the simplest and most cost-effective way to provide guest-computing services. Better yet, our business center technology is absolutely free to most hotels. There is no risk, only gain.”

TTI has been delivering innovative solutions since 1991 serving hotels, resorts, hostels, airports and retailers.  TTI’s technology includes ID scanners, self-service business centers and concierge kiosks, luggage storage solutions, ATMs, signature capture devices, and more. With an international headquarters in New York and satellite offices in Phoenix, San Francisco, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale and Mumbai, TTI is well equipped to anticipate and deliver exceptional service.

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