Posera Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

  • Maitre'D
  • 09.14.09
Posera celebrated its 10th year anniversary.

Founded in 1999, Posera has contributed to the POS industry in a very unique way and has accomplished several important achievements over the years.  Today, its owners are thrilled for where the company stands and of all the success and credibility Posera has gained since its debut.

“In an industry filled with challenges and competition such as the IT industry, we had to make sure that we’d be prepared for all possibilities and issues that could come our way.  We also had to make sure to work hard in order to be competitive and always remain at the top of the latest technologies the market has to offer.  But we can say today that we are very proud of what the company has become over the years and also proud of all the great people who supported us throughout our 10 years of existence; from the Posera team to all of our dedicated resellers around the globe, as well as the important industry leading partnerships we have built,” said Michel Cote, vice president and COO of Posera Software Inc.

Posera has known how to grow and evolve throughout the years by expanding its product and organization. Starting with less than 10 employees back in 1999, the company now counts more than 85 employees, of which 40 percent are dedicated to research and development. Also, with more than 140 active Maitre’D resellers from all over the world, Posera has expanded its selling horizons over the years and recognizes the importance of its distributor channel to serve its customers worldwide. 

According to Jim Gillis, president of Posera, “We’ve always been very careful with the selection of our resellers, since dedication towards the product and a personalized customer service are two very important priorities to us. We have been lucky so far to be surrounded by great people and we intend to continue to grow and serve the industry at our best, as we have always tried to do in the past. We will always invest all the required efforts and continue to work hard to deliver the best and latest technologies to the market, this being part of our mission.”

From a 300-location fast food concept to a single fine dining establishment, a trendy nightclub or a chic hotel, today more than 20,000 businesses worldwide are using the Maitre’D Software Suite to better manage their establishments.

Posera Software develops software solutions for the hospitality industry. Posera has over 20,000 customers in 15 countries, operates four corporate offices, and manages a worldwide distribution network, which enforces the company's international position. Posera's Maitre'D software suite offers a complete set of solutions to effectively manage restaurants of any size.

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