Libra OnDemand Partnership Brings Sulcus OnDemand CRM to Spain

  • Libra OnDemand, A Division of Newmarket® International
  • 09.15.09
Libra OnDemand has entered into an agreement with Sulcus Solutions SL in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain, whereby the company’s popular U.S.-based Libra OnDemand customer relationship management (CRM) solution will be marketed, installed and supported across the Spanish hospitality market as Sulcus OnDemand.

Libra OnDemand provides a comprehensive Web-based suite of hospitality-specific CRM applications designed to drive sales and increase revenues. Libra OnDemand solutions are used by some of the world’s highly regarded hospitality companies. Sulcus Solutions provides integrated computer systems for the hospitality industry that address every level of the guest experience from initial prospecting to guest satisfaction and after-sale guest care.

“We’re pleased and excited to be partnering with a leading international provider such as Sulcus Solutions,” said Libra OnDemand CEO Gregg Hopkins. “Under this agreement, Libra OnDemand will power the CRM solution specifically developed for the hospitality segment in Spain, while Sulcus establishes its own pricing for the product and related services. In essence, hoteliers will receive the same powerful CRM tools and services as users in the USA with Libra OnDemand, only it will be packaged and managed as Sulcus OnDemand.  It’s the same proven, in-demand solution but with a new name to support its regional host.”

Ramon Alandi, Sulcus’ CEO, said the agreement came about due to the Spanish hospitality market’s increased need for a CRM solution that could be integrated with property management systems in Spain. The new Sulcus OnDemand solution will be integrated with Sulcus’ Medallion property management system, Squirrel point-of-sale system, and other hospitality property management systems not represented by Sulcus to improve productivity and enable the sharing of comprehensive guest information throughout all areas of a hotel. Sulcus also has plans to convert the Libra OnDemand application to Spanish.

“Libra OnDemand offers updated and valuable information to sales-and-marketing teams and guest services staff, and helps to tighten the coordination between them,” Alandi said. “It is simple and very user-friendly. Guest information, corporate accounts and prospect data are easily accessible and organized perfectly for the optimization of e-mails, phone calls, schedules, meetings and so forth. As a result, employees will have updated and complete information, making their jobs easier, while guests receive top-quality service—which means our clients will improve their business.”

Alandi said the agreement is a win-win arrangement for both companies.

“The benefit for Libra OnDemand is that it is partnering with a solid, well-known company with a very good reputation in the Spanish hospitality industry,” he said. “For Sulcus, the partnership with Libra OnDemand represents the culmination of a successful investment and research process by which we can now offer our clients the newest and best software solutions for present and future market needs in this part of the world.”

Libra OnDemand leverages the power of one of the world’s most popular on-demand platforms ( to provide a comprehensive suite of hospitality specific applications: customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), loyalty and rewards management, reporting and data analytics, and integration and centralization tools.  Designed to drive sales and increase revenues for the world’s premier hospitality organizations, Libra OnDemand is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that is easy to use and requires zero upfront investment.

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