Hotel San Carlos Enhances Security, Guest Loyalty Program with TTI’s Scan2PMS

  • TTI Technologies International
  • 09.22.09
TTI Technologies International has added a new level of security to the Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix.

Through its Scan2PMS system, front desk staff is able to capture guest information, such as name and address, along with the guest’s picture, that may be missing from reservations booked through third-party intermediaries. Armed with accurate data means hotels are protected against identity theft and false charge-back claims and better equipped with management tools for personalized guest services and post-stay marketing campaigns.

TTI provides self-service solutions to hotels, resorts and hostels that are easy to operate, require minimal staff interaction, and include design, installation and on-going 24/7/365 management and support. Solutions include: driver’s license, passport and ID scanners; self-service business centers; boarding pass printing stations; self-service concierge and more.

“We find Scan2PMS from TTI provides us with multiple staff and guest-service benefits, including: streamlined checkin, guest identification validation and recognition, and guest-history data capture for post-stay marketing,” said Rena Aldrich, San Carlos director of rooms. “Each of these factors helps to enhance the service we provide to our guests and protects the hotel against lost revenues and fraudulent claims.

“First, from a registration perspective, Scan2PMS speeds the checkin process by pulling information from the guests’ form of identification and placing it into data field in the PMS,” she said.  “Most times when a reservation is booked through a third-party wholesaler, basic address information is missing. Now, rather than requiring the guest to fill out a registration card, Scan2PMS does it for them in one easy step. It’s fast and extremely efficient.  Second, should a guest lose or forget the room key, we can instantly pull up the guest’s reservation in the PMS and compare the scanned photo to the person standing in front of us.  It’s instant validation. Third, with accurate guest information, we can stay in touch with our guests long after they leave the property. Sending qualified post-stay marketing pieces to past guests helps us build repeat business and guest loyalty. Fourth, if we know a loyal guest is coming to the hotel for a repeat stay, we can e-mail his or her photo to each department head with a notice of arrival. Then when the guest arrives, he or she can be acknowledged by name from a host of staff throughout the property. It’s an added level of personalized hospitality that makes our guests feel really welcome.

“Finally, the liability protection Scan2PMS provides our owner from a risk standpoint is outstanding,” she added. “Customers can no longer dispute hotel charges by claiming they were never at the hotel because we have the proof in the system. It’s an all-around winner for everyone.”

TTI’s Scan2PMS is a customized application that allows data to be captured from the ID using optical-character recognition (OCR) technology. It can easily be integrated with third-party applications using XML protocol, and already is interfaced with numerous property management systems.

“Attracting travelers during this down economy is challenging in its own right; protecting them against identify theft is even more difficult – as is protecting the hotel against fraudulent liability claims or monetary losses from credit card disputes,” said Bridget Oliva-Werba, TTI vice president sales and marketing. “Scan2PMS is a simple, affordable service that captures more than just guest data – it captures all the elements needed, from heightened security to personalized service, to make a guests’ stay exceptional. Not only that, Scan2PMS eliminates the unsafe practice of photocopying IDs along with associated time and labor costs.

“We are thrilled to add the Hotel San Carlos to our growing list of ecstatic Scan2PMS users,” she added. “The benefits of using automatic ID and data capture for guest identification are limitless.”

Yield Manager Aldrich agreed, “I’ve worked in many four and five-star hotels in my career and I find it amazing that this type of technology didn’t exist before. While Scan2PMS can be used at virtually any property, I definitely see a need for it at higher-end hotels and resorts that rely on loyalty programs for staple business.

TTI has been delivering innovative solutions since 1991, serving hotels, resorts, hostels, airports and retailers.  TTI’s technology includes ID scanners, self-service business centers and concierge kiosks, luggage storage solutions, ATMs, signature capture devices and more. With an international headquarters in New York and satellite offices in Phoenix, San Francisco, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale and Mumbai, TTI is well equipped to anticipate and deliver exceptional service.

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