MTech, runtriz Partner to Speed Guest Service, Response Via iPhone, Blackberry and More

  • MTech, A Division of Newmarket® International, Inc
  • 09.23.09
MTech, a leading provider of guest response and workflow automation solutions for the hotel industry, has partnered with runtriz™, a Los Angeles, Calif.-based global concierge network, to speed response time for guest requests, increase customer satisfaction and boost sales for hoteliers using some of the most popular mobile device technologies available today.

By integrating MTech’s HotSOS (pronounced “hot sauce”) guest response system with the mobile Hotel Evolution solution from runtriz™, guests use iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, G1, Palm Pre or other Web-enabled devices to order food, drinks, guest services, transportation, entertainment and more on demand. HotSOS then expedites the requests by sending out tickets in real time to service and maintenance personnel who use similar devices to receive, complete and note the completion of the tasks.

“Together HotSOS and runtriz™ are taking guest-service automation to a new level of excellence,” said Luis Segredo, MTech president. “Imagine guests being able to make requests while at dinner and having amenities waiting for them when they return to the guestroom. The partnership between runtriz™ and MTech provides for just that – and more.”

Hotel Evolution is linked with guests’ devices upon checkin, whereby a guest uses icons to request food menus, drink menus, valet services, housekeeping, shopping information, transportation, nightlife, messages, wake-up calls and more. If guests do not have their own device, the hotel will make mobile units available.

“Our partnership with MTech takes Hotel Evolution to the forefront of guest satisfaction,” said Matthew Allard, founder and president of runtriz™. “The experience begins in the guestroom with Hotel Evolution, a guest-facing system that taps an icon-based mobile system to make special requests. Another significant aspect of the partnership is that it can be used off property. Guests can requests special items or services while away from the property. And HotSOS makes sure the requests are completed in a matter of minutes and waiting for the guest when he or she returns.”

Hotel Evolution provides for the up selling of in-room items, hotel merchandise and roomservice based upon guest histories. Another sales aspect has the hotel allowing local restaurants, bars, clubs and attractions to pay for special placement and priority on the system’s guest interface. And because it is routed through a Web portal, guest can make special requests from virtually anywhere on or off site – in a casino, at dinner, at a movie or local theater.

“The partnered systems quickly expedite the need for an amenity or maintenance – and as opposed to calling, the guest makes the request electronically – and it is scheduled and closed out that way,” Allard said. “The availability to do it on or off property and have items delivered provides the guest a huge convenience factor. In this way, hotels have requests; never complaints. It gives the hotel an immediate, real-time convenience factor.

“The key to our partnership,” Allard added, “is the speedy completion of these requests.”

MTech’s HotSOS works on a rapid response ticket system. Guest requests are ticketed and sent through wireless communication to the hotel staff. If the staff member does not sign off on the task within five minutes, the system will send a report to the relevant hotel department manager. After another five minutes, the hotel general manager is alerted. This means that every request gets an immediate response through a speedy system of checks and balances.

Both Hotel Evolution and HotSOS work integrated with a hotel’s property management system. This provides for management reports that detail every touch, order and action taken, as well as to whom at the hotel the request was sent, at what time, and how long it took for the staff member to complete the task. This is valuable management information, Segredo said.

“We’re providing an invaluable background tool to our venture partners that takes their core product to a new level of performance,” Segredo said. “There are many innovative guest-facing systems in the marketplace and it MTech’s mission is to maximize their value to existing customers and take their sales efforts to improved levels. For guests, we provide superior service in ways that save properties money in time and efficiency. Better service, better revenues – and lower costs. In this economy, this is a recipe for success.”


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