iBAHN Eliminates Internet Downtime for Hotel Guests

  • iBAHN
  • 11.17.06
iBAHN, one of the leading providers of broadband services worldwide to hotels and meeting places, announced the launch of iBAHN SmartLink, the latest addition to the iBAHN Network Advantage family of connectivity solutions.

iBAHN SmartLink is unique in delivering a fail-proof Internet service for hotels and conference centers.  iBAHN SmartLink provides a cost-effective solution for hotel connectivity that addresses the need for High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) that is also failsafe iBAHN SmartLink employs a backup circuit that immediately activates if the primary system is disrupted or fails, due to equipment failure, human error or other reasons.  Plainly stated, if one connection to the Internet goes down in a hotel with iBAHN SmartLink, overall Internet usage by guests and staff remains virtually uninterrupted.

"In today's world where guests rely so heavily on technology, any network downtime can quickly affect guest satisfaction," said Homer Gonzalez III, senior product manager for iBAHN's guest room services. "iBAHN SmartLink is a valuable offering that can help hoteliers secure important corporate and government clients by assuring them their Internet experience will be world class."

Properties using iBAHN SmartLink not only enjoy a robust backup system, but have the high quality of service they can expect from iBAHN -- this means industry-leading security, 24/7 customer support and flexible bandwidth allocation.  It also means support for emerging bandwidth-intense applications used by today's technically sophisticated guests, such as file-sharing, music file downloads, streaming video and voice over IP (VoIP).

Hotels serving technology-savvy groups especially benefit from iBAHN SmartLink's capabilities that meet their customers' demanding standards. Even when a primary connection fails, properties can maintain broadband service via a secondary connection over separate infrastructure.

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