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DFDTV Launches A Unique Web-Based Entertainment Network

  • 10.26.09
DFDTV.com launched one of the first ever Web-based entertainment networks on September 20 with virtual channels, each providing viewers with originally produced entertainment.

DFDTV’s channels are dedicated to a particular form of entertainment, which currently includes cabaret/jazz, comedy and independent films.   

DFDTV is designed to target viewers that are looking for a specific type of entertainment, without having to search their television or the Internet to find it.  Much like a regular television network, on a weekly basis, each channel will premiere new episodes of each show as well as new content, which can be viewed during its normal timeslot or after “On Demand.”  DFDTV also allows viewers to watch each show as a “Go Express” clip that shortens that show from three to eight minutes, allowing users to catch up on any shows they may have missed.

The current DTDTV channels Include:

  • DigitalRicks.com:  This weekly show takes viewers into Manhattan’s intimate cabaret/jazz clubs for live performances - captured exclusively for DFDTV.com.  The premiere show will feature the legendary Jose Feliciano backed by The Les Paul Trio.  Industry veteran Scott Barbarino is executive producer. 
  • Live-Laughs.com:  See a range of comedic performances including the best in improvisation, sketch and stand-up from clubs across the country, all taped exclusively for DFDTV.com.  Eric Robinson and Jay Painter – founders of Face-Off Unlimited, are executive producers. 
  • The Really Independent Film Channel:  DFDTV.com viewers are offered exclusive access to many wonderful independent films. Kevin Kennison, a respected master acting teacher and independent casting director is executive producer. 

Each original show is produced by seasoned producers who are experts in each genre giving the viewers the highest quality of entertainment. Over the next few months DFDTV will launch new channels and shows that will cater to a broad range of viewers.

“DFDTV is revolutionizing the way that viewers will watch their favorite types of programming,” said Joseph J. Nicholson, founder of DFDTV.com. “Audiences no longer have to turn to YouTube or google their favorite television genre.  DFDTV will bring this content to them directly through each of its channels.  DFDTV is in its own right a television network, but brought to users through the Internet.”

Over the coming months DFDTV plans to launch other channels, which will cater to a much broader audience.   Unlike other video streaming Web sites, DFDTV does not run viewer-generated material.

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