HFTP Developing New Questions for its CHAE and CHTP Exams

  • Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP)
  • 11.21.06
Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) is expanding its question databank for both its certified hospitality accountant executive (CHAE) and certified hospitality technology professionals (CHTP) examinations.

The new questions will update the exams to incorporate the latest industry concepts. They will first be presented in the online CHAE and CHTP exams, launching in early 2007 through the Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA).

"The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and it’s important that the exams include the most current practices," said Leonard Bartello, CHAE, CHTP, CPA, LCAM, chair of the HFTP certification advisory council and owner of Bartello Consulting. "The up-to-date exams will reflect positively on the designation holders, demonstrating their range of knowledge."

HFTP will gather new questions from a number of sources. The association has posted a form on its Web site for all active CHAE and CHTP holders to submit exam questions. In addition, two industry veterans will be producing 125 questions each, with the specific goal to integrate recent industry standards. Ray Schmidgall, Ph.D., CPA, CHAE, professor at the University of Michigan and author of several hospitality industry reference books, is writing the new CHAE exam questions. His main focus will be to include updates from the recently released 10th edition of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry. Steve D’Erasmo, former chair of the CHTP advisory council and a frequent speaker at HFTP education conferences, is writing the new CHTP exam questions. D’Erasmo is adding questions on the newer, emerging technologies being used in the hospitality industry.

Last year, HFTP put together an HFTP certification task force to rework and update both the CHAE and CHTP designations. The task force created a code of ethics, formed the certification advisory council (CAC) and reworked the appeals procedure.

"The task force worked hard to develop a strong base for the HFTP certification programs," said Anna McFarland, CPA, CFE, CHAE, CHTP, senior director of finance for Accor North America - business and leisure hotels, HFTP vice president and chair of the HFTP certification task force. "It is very rewarding to see our plans being executed, demonstrating the programs' quality to finance and technology professionals worldwide."

In addition, HFTP is sponsoring online testing for the Educational Institute’s (EI) professional certification programs. The sponsorship money will enable EI to purchase testing software and upgrade its servers to host online testing. The first certification exams to go online will be the CHAE and CHTP exams. In addition EI will hold online testing for the certified hotel administrator (CHA), certified hospitality supervisor (CHS) and master hotel supplier (MHS), as well as certification programs for department heads, managers and specialized positions such as security and trainers.

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