Integrated Control Corporation Debuts All New Coffee Minder™ Sensors for the 2010 Temp Minder™ Line at IH/M&RS in New York City November 7-10, 2009

  • Integrated Control Corporation
  • 11.04.09
Integrated Control Corporation (ICC), a global leader in the field of food service technology solutions that helps food outlets, restaurants, hotels, motels, quick serve restaurants and other areas in the hospitality industry, as well as schools and hospitals, achieve consistent daily kitchen operations, will debut its state-of-the art 2010 Temp Minder™ at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show (IH/M&RS) at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, in booth No. 1250 November 7-10, 2009.

The Integrated Control Corporation Temp Minder™ is a wireless, automated system for the food service industry that accurately, efficiently and continuously monitors critical cold or hot food temperatures. It instantly alerts problems such as open doors, faulty equipment and power outages by audible alarm on-site as well as remotely via text message or e-mail, as it collects data without a PC and provides data logs, charts and graphs that can be viewed globally via the Internet.

For 2010, the Temp Minder™ line will include the all new Coffee Minder™ sensors and indicators to assure that a sales staple product, like coffee, is always fresh, keeping customers coming back for more.  Also new to the line is Kitchen Minder LP™, the perfect tool to manage prepared food for serving.

“The purpose of the Integrated Control Corporation Temp Minder™ system is to help any area of the food service industry increase food safety, food preservation, HACCP* compliance, and productivity while minimizing food loss,” said Roberta Vaccaro Salerno, CEO and president of Integrated Control Corporation.  “The ICC line of technology solutions provides operational enhancements, better quality and excellent ROI (return on investment).”

Integrated Control Corporation’s mission is to improve food safety and quality while simplifying operational consistency of food service environments all over the world with results that will mutually benefit both the food provider and the consumer.  In addition to the Temp Minder™, ICC maintains a portfolio of patents, including the Kitchen Minder™, Product Quality Timers ™ and Wash Minder™, which will also be displayed at ICC booth No. 1250.

Incorporated in 1987, Integrated Control Corporation designs, manufactures and installs innovative, easy-to-use and affordable devices for non-technical personnel to monitor time, temperature, cleanliness and product management that can increase food safety, food preservation, HACCP compliance and productivity while minimizing food loss.  ICC’s leading equipment brands have been translated into over 38 different languages and installed in as many countries.

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