TTI’s Scan2PMS/roomMaster 2000 by InnQuest Interface is Receiving Rave Reviews Coast to Coast

  • InnQuest Software Corporation
  • 11.05.09
The Scan2PMS Passport and ID Scanner from TTI Technologies International is receiving rave reviews from hotels across the country that have integrated the system with their roomMaster 2000 property management system from InnQuest Software of Tampa, Fla.

Since the companies announced their partnership in February 2009, over two dozen of roomMaster’s customers are benefitting from the system’s ease of use and its ability to capture accurate information, such as a guest’s photo, name, address and download it into the roomMaster 2000 PMS.

TTI provides self-service solutions to hotels, resorts and hostels that are easy to operate, require minimal staff interaction, and include design, installation and on-going 24/7/365 management and support. Solutions include: driver’s license, passport and ID scanners; self-service business centers; boarding pass printing stations; self-service concierge and more. Scan2PMS is a customized application that allows data to be captured from the ID using optical-character recognition (OCR) technology. It can easily be integrated with third-party applications using XML protocol, and already is interfaced with numerous property management systems. And, with its ability to scan up to six licenses into a single guest folio, Scan2PMS is perfect for hotels in spring break areas.

InnQuest’s roomMaster 2000 system is installed in more than 4,000 properties of all sizes and types in more than 80 countries. In addition to TTI’s Scan2PMS, roomMaster 2000 also integrates with all popular PBX, call accounting, voice mail, point of sale, movies, video checkout, electronic lock and self checkin/out kiosk systems, also being used at the Grant Hotel in San Francisco.

“Being armed with accurate data means hotels are protected against identity theft and false charge-back claims because the system provides proof that the guest actually stayed at the hotel,” said Bridget Werba, TTI vice president sales and marketing. “It also better equips hotel management with the tools they need to personalize guest service and conduct more effective post-stay marketing campaigns.

“When we announced our joint integration partnership with InnQuest Software and roomMaster 2000 earlier this year, we knew it would be successful,” she said. “What we didn’t know was just how quickly word of the system’s effectiveness would spread across the roomMaster 2000 user group. Both TTI and InnQuest Software are very pleased with the positive comments that are coming in from each and every hotel user.  It proves that automatic data capture provides an unprecedented level of protection and satisfaction for owners and operators.“

Jeremy Poon, general manager of the Broadway Hotel in New York, said, since his property added Scan2PMS, the time it took to check a guest in dramatically decreased. 

“Being able to reduce check-in time so significantly is so important, especially here in Manhattan where group business and bus tours mean large populations at the front desk,” Poon said. “Thanks to the integration of Scan2PMS with roomMaster 2000, checkin is now much easier for everyone. Previously our front desk staff had to make photocopies of guest Ids and then input the data manually into the PMS. Now it’s all done automatically and with no data-entry errors. Also, with guest security and satisfaction as top priorities for the Broadway Hotel, Scan2PMS provides that added level of service. Because the guests’ photo is downloaded into the PMS, we can verify a guests’ identify with just a click. This is very important, especially when guests tend to misplace their room keys.  We are extremely satisfied with the system.”

Bovornrat Darakananda, director of the Grant Hotel in San Francisco, agreed with Poon, saying Scan2PMS is a good way to provide added security to guests.

“Being able to compare a digital photo in the PMS to the person standing at the front desk is very critical to guest protection,” Darakananda said. “Identity theft is a common problem, and being able to capture a traveler’s photo, along with accurate contact information helps us greatly as hotel operators. It also helps us with the credit card companies. By downloading the guest ID at checkin, it’s more difficult for the guests to dispute their hotel bills with the various credit card companies. We can prove that the person disputing the charges actually checked in.  So Scan2PMS helps us at check in and long after the guest has checked out.”

TTI’s Scan2PMS System features include:

  • Reduces checkin time for guests enhancing customer service.
  • Eliminates the need for staff to make photocopies of guests’ driver’s license, passport or other forms of ID while simultaneously reducing paper and printer ink inventory and costs.
  • Downloads data instantly into the hotel’s Windows-based PMS.
  • Captures accurate address information for future marketing efforts.
  • Stores the guest’s photo for instant or future verification.
  • Offers the option to save the entire image of the ID or just the guest’s facial photo.
  • Customizes fields where each hotel can determine what data they want to capture (i.e. driver’s license and passport numbers do not have to be saved).

Robert Paresi, InnQuest president, said TTI’s Scan2PMS solution came highly recommended, and now he knows why. Paresi said he is extremely pleased that his hotel customers are supporting his decision.

“We answered our customers requests for a quick and affordable way to automate the guest ID process at checkin by partnering with TTI and integrating Scan2PMS into roomMaster 2000,” said Robert Paresi, InnQuest president. “On all accounts, the hotels that have implemented Scan2PMS are elated with the results. The integrated solution has reduced checkin time for guests and raised each hotel’s level of security by providing an electronic record that the guest actually is who he says he is. This is a win-win solution for the hotel and its guests, and also a win-win for InnQuest and TTI.  We look forward to achieving equal success with other roomMaster 2000 users who will surely benefit from this integration partnership.”

InnQuest Software is a leading solutions provider for the hospitality industry committed to providing powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use Windows property management software at an affordable price. InnQuest Software's flagship product, roomMaster 2000, is used in over 4,000 properties of all sizes and types in over 80 countries, including chain, independent, business, boutique and resort hotels. InnQuest Software is based in Tampa, Fla., with regional offices in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

TTI Technologies International has been providing state-of-the-art public access equipment and services to the national hospitality industry for over 17 years. The company supplies and services hotels, residential apartments, airports and youth hostels with equipment ranging from ID scanners, self-service business centers, automated concierge services, informational kiosks, luggage storage solutions, ATMs and digital signage to name a few.

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