Reality Interactive Advocates Green, Sustainable Customer-centric Digital Merchandising Campaigns

  • Reality Interactive
  • 11.11.09
Reality Interactive, a leading provider of content-rich solutions for self-service, digital merchandising and digital signage applications, announced that several of its offerings have demonstrated a significant effect on the environment by reducing waste at several points during the marketing process.

Digital signage campaigns are eco-friendly and positively impact the budgets of marketing campaigns.
As companies increasingly search for new ways to decrease their carbon footprint, Reality Interactive offers a compliant, green solution that enables institutions to more effectively target customers through branded messaging without the costs associated with traditionally branded print posters and paper handouts. Reality Interactive’s bitSHUTTLE solution powers off-the-shelf digital photo frames with unique, consistent, localized content designed for both specific and general audiences. bitSHUTTLE is an innovative hybrid solution that allows companies at local and corporate levels to create customized, branded messaging that reaches customers while they are inside stores, banks, restaurants, hotel lobbies and auto dealerships, among a range of public retail spaces.

Traditional marketing programs can involve sizable spending on the printing of posters, pamphlets, and plastic display cases not to mention costs associated with the delivery of printed collateral to individual locations nationwide on a deadline. Using the bitSHUTTLE platform in conjunction with off-the-shelf digital frames is a very cost-effective, green alternative to traditional marking programs with digital merchandising deployments having the advantage of being energy efficient as well as reusable.  According to a May 2008 story in Digital Signage News, the components used in digital retail signage are also far less hazardous than those used in most recent technology. Another valuable advantage of digital signage solutions over traditional marketing is that corporate messages can remain consistent, with no lag in the real-time distribution of approved branding from the head office to marketing teams across the country.

“In our advocacy of the green factor, we have taken the initiative to encourage customers and agency partners to embrace the impact digital merchandising has on marketing budgets and the environment,” Craig Martin, CEO, Reality Interactive, said. “The benefit for digital merchandising practitioners is huge. Not only will brands resonate more readily with customers, but spending on wasteful corporate collateral is eliminated enabling companies to rapidly exceed their environmental and overall marketing goals with high impact, low cost, digital signage.”

Reality Interactive specializes in the design and development of content-rich solutions for self-service, digital merchandising and digital signage applications used by corporate brand teams. Clients include companies aiming to influence customers at the point of purchase within arm’s reach of products.  Reality Interactive connects consumers to brands and educates them about new and existing products, positively influencing their present and future purchasing decisions.

Services include design, development, maintenance and analytics that track self-service and digital merchandising/signage applications. Reality Interactive’s real-time Program Management Portals, remote management capabilities, customizable analysis and reporting tools place brand/product managers and marketing teams in full control of the message. These cutting-edge online tools also allow the measurement of successful brand penetration among consumers on national, regional and local levels.

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