Trump Plaza Hotel Casino Puts Capton To The Challenge

  • Capton
  • 11.13.09
Capton announced that Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino has experienced very positive results with a Beverage Tracker installation at their Atlantic City, N.J. operation.

One expects certain things from anything associated with the Trump name, and Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino is no exception. Between June and August, Trump Plaza extends its world class name out onto the world-famous beach of Atlantic City. Trump Plaza’s Beach Bar is considered one of the busiest bar operations on the East Coast. Voted among the 21 Sexiest Beach Bars in the world by The Travel Channel only highlights the level of popularity that drives $21,000 per day in liquor sales. The entire operation, rebuilt every year on the beach from scratch, represents a significant challenge when it comes to controlling liquor shrinkage problems.

Servicing thousands of guests 24 hours a day, the main bar at the Boardwalk entrance to the casino, Liquids, poses a different control challenge. Liquor guns (a common approach to liquor control in casinos) do not solve all problems, because the presence of free pour liquor bottles on the back bar is unavoidable for premium liquors, and even necessary for the high volume liquors called for in dozens of specialty drink recipes.

Inventory management systems already in place at Trump Plaza reflected the need for a better way of dealing with the level of unaccounted for pours and over pouring going on in both the Beach Bar and Liquids. Management recognized the problem, yet they had no effective way to go after changing behavior. Lecturing the staff in meeting after meeting was just not the answer.

“We needed to know that the Capton system would work in high volume outlets and would not slow up operations, or become a focal point of resistance for staff, or interfere with guest experience. I also had to prove to our executive committee that this would reduce liquor costs,” said Tony Sanza, director of food and beverage for Trump Plaza.

“Capton approached us with a proposal to install their system and prove it – and I must say that they surpassed my expectations,” said Sanza. “Over the course of three months we saved over $130,000 in liquor costs versus our previous year performance in the Beach Bar. The numbers improvement in Liquids was just as impressive. By our calculations, a 6 point drop in liquor costs in the Beach Bar paid for the system within three weeks. Even with the relatively low volume free pour operation in Liquids, the system was paid for within 5 months.”

The Capton system has the same effect in the hands of a beverage manager as a radar gun has in the hands of a highway patrol officer. Once staff knows the Capton radar gun is on, employee behavior changes immediately. Within days of installing the system, beverage managers can conduct specific conversations with bartenders about questionable situations.

“With tangible documents in our hands directly showing the over pouring or inconsistency patterns, everyone started to pay better attention to their pouring habits and procedures, and the bartenders started pouring to the standards that we require,” added Sanza.

“After researching many different pouring systems, Capton has the cleanest approach to the problem I have ever seen,” continued Sanza. “They have put a great product together with an effective business services strategy. In essence, they partner with us to make sure the ROI results happen.”

Headquartered in Northern California, Capton is a leading developer of RFID-based business control solutions for hospitality. Capton solutions are installed in hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, resorts, casinos, cruise lines, sports stadiums and many other types of hospitality venues across the United States and around the world. Capton products are marketed via a global sales and support network.

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