Features 1,000 Lakes for Vacation and Recreation

  • 11.16.09, a Web site that features lakes known for vacation and recreation, added its 1,000th lake this month.

Lakelubbers includes tourism and historical information for 850 lakes in 50 U.S. states, and for 150 lakes in 40 other countries.

Homeowners and property managers can list their vacation rentals on each lake. Lake-related real estate agencies and other local businesses can also advertise.

Ten writers in three countries research and profile nearly 100 new lakes each month. Lakelubbers plans to add another 5,000 of the world's best-known vacation and recreation lakes to the Web site during the next five years.

Each lake profile highlights vacation-related information - fishing, boating, water sports, camping, hiking, vacation rental homes, residential development and more. Many of the lakes are photo-illustrated. Lakelubbers invites visitors to post photos that they personally take of their favorite lakes, and to suggest lakes that are not yet included.

Lakelubbers identifies the size, depth, shoreline length, fish species, and other information that allows visitors to compare lakes where they might like to vacation or retire.

The largest 50 percent of the lakes cover 4,000 to 20 million acres, and shorelines of 25 to 25,000 miles. Lake depths run from a few feet to one mile.

Lakelubbers' visitors can search for lakes that are nearest to their hometown or zip code - ideal targets for a weekend fishing expedition or camping vacation. They can also zero in on specific states to find lakes to consider for retirement homes, relocation, or investments in vacation rentals.

Lakelubbers' homepage includes a section, "Why Vacation or Retire on Lakes?" - one of the 12 reasons highlights the low cost of lake vacations. Another promotes lakes' year-round appeal, "After brilliant fall colors fade and temperatures dip at your favorite lakes, winter activities - snowmobiling, cross-country and downhill skiing, ice fishing, and hiking - take center stage on lakes."

"Lakelubbers" is a play on both "landlubbers" and "lake lovers."

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