IQware’s IQmail: The Next-Generation e-CRM Tool

  • IQware, Inc.
  • 12.01.09
IQmail is a complete suite of tools that streamlines and automates the entire electronic marketing process.

With IQmail, it’s a breeze to focus on each customer’s and prospect’s hot points and buying desires, and then deliver just the right messages at just the right time.

“IQmail really delivers on full marketing automation, with its do-all e-mail creation, delivery and tracking tool set. It empowers the hospitality industry to really connect with customers and prospects and laser-focus in on their needs,” said David Perkins, president and CEO of IQware.

IQmail lets any property tap into the vast potential of direct-to-customer marketing with full control — from upfront targeting and customized e-mail creation, to campaign execution and comprehensive back-end analytics for follow-through and detailed ROI data.

“The whole idea behind IQmail is simple: When you communicate better with clients and prospects, you reap improved ROI and customer relationships,” said Francois Greffard, IQware vice president of operations. “IQmail removes the technical barriers to effective e-mail communications and lets you automatically and regularly stay in touch with your customers.”

IQmail can handle sending out reservation confirmation e-mails, pre-arrival e-mail reminders, post-departure follow-up e-mails and other types of high-touch customer communications like thank you messages. IQmail makes it easy to keep in touch.

With an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook-type menu interface, IQmail makes the whole process intuitive, says Greffard. Rather than being a hodge-podge of separate tools, IQmail is a slick, all-in-one control center for customer relationship management and e-marketing.

“Having everything you need to know about each of your customers … to be able to understand their individual product and service wants and needs and to be able to stay in touch via electronic communications — all in one place —is precisely what we set out to deliver with IQmail,” said Perkins. “IQmail gives all of this data structure and doesn’t require a degree in computer engineering to use effectively.”

Start up IQmail and you see a familiar-looking panel, grouping common e-marketing functions together: content, subscribers, interactions, tracking and admin. Clicking on any one of these presents more detail above it on specific functionality. The area to the right is the workspace where everything gets done, from viewing the critical tracking and reporting dashboard, to creating e-mails and running targeted campaigns.

With full integration into IQware’s Global Property Management System, IQmail can tap into all of the databases that store information about customers and prospects and their buying preferences and habits. Since IQmail can integrate complete customer history, point-of-sale information, Web site leads and other types of inquiries into one master database, it creates a centralized repository that can be cut and sliced countless ways to optimally understand — and communicate with — clients.

“IQmail quickly selects targeted lists of customers and focuses on them,” said Greffard. “Just as easily, it can handle turning thousands of Web site visitors into profiled and qualified leads.”

Any time is a good time for sending out a targeting e-mail campaign, since IQmail removes the mundane manual choirs typically associated with executing a comprehensive campaign. The module automates the creation, delivery and tracking of any number of e-mail campaigns.

The IQmail engine has built-in features to maintain good e-mail standing with major Internet service providers, so e-mail campaigns reach customers’ inboxes rather than their junk/spam folders, notes Greffard. The e-mail campaign manager functionality not only makes it easy to create professional e-mails, but also to develop customized vacation and travel packages and tie into other available IQware tools like the IQrez leading-edge Web site reservation system.
“IQmail has so much deep functionality, yet is so easy to use, you really have to see it and experience a hands-on demo to truly appreciate what it can do for you and your profitability,” said Greffard. “Add the IQmail tool chest today to your property’s marketing arsenal and jump start your marketing automation, segmentation, subscriber engagement, deliverability, targeted messaging and ROI reporting and analytics capabilities.”

IQware keeps extending its core IQware Global Property Management System with integrated solutions that help its partners better manage and optimize all revenue channels, decrease operational costs, increase margins and enhance customer service and satisfaction.

IQmail, IQrez, IQsem and IQlink are IQware’s Fantastic Four revenue-generating modules.  News on IQrez has already been released and news on IQsem and IQlink are forthcoming later this year, but here’s a closing snapshot of just a few of the bottom-line features and benefits of IQmail:

  • Automatically handles e-mail confirmations, pre-arrival messages and post-stay surveys through integration with IQware Global PMS.
  • Uses demographic data to deliver targeted e-mail messages.
  • Tracks and reports on who received, opened and how they acted on each e-mail.
  • Manages marketing automation, segmentation, subscriber engagement, deliverability and targeted messaging.
Deerfield Beach, Fla.-based IQware has been Helping Hospitality Partner With IntelligenceSM for 25 years. Today, more than 5,000 end users utilize IQware software to help best market and manage more than 120,000 rooms generating more than $3.5 billion in gross room revenue. IQware brings with it more than 300 years of combined experience managing hospitality properties and developing and supporting related software. Built by hoteliers for hoteliers, IQware’s Global Property Management System and more than two dozen add-on modules optimize operations at properties of all types − limited- and full-service hotels, resorts, condo-hotels, vacation rental and timeshares − and all sizes − from regional hotel chains to multiproperty management companies to small independents IQware is your single-source technology partner through ongoing customized training, user-driven technology development, 24x7 support and lifetime software upgrades.
IQware solutions offer numerous ROI-generating tools including e-marketing, four-tier yield management, IQrez, packages, loyalty points, IQDestinations and IQlink — which pushes your existing PMS inventory directly to the most effective and profitable Intranet, GDS and Extranet channels. IQware also provides point-of-sale, sales and catering, online reservations, spa management, marina management, central reservations system and e-CRM (electronic customer relationship management) solutions.

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