Mintek Mobile Data Solutions Completes Business Continuity Plan

  • Mintek Mobile Data Solutions
  • 11.30.06
Mintek Mobile Data Solutions announced that the company has completed an extensive review of all business procedures and resources and developed a comprehensive business continuity plan (BCP).

For its efforts, Mintek has been awarded a certificate of business resiliency by Tampa, Fla.-based Elliot Consulting Services.

The BCP will prepare Mintek to address, act and provide key business services to its customers if a major unplanned business interruption should take place. Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf region last year, has prompted many companies to establish BCPs.

“We wanted to ensure the resiliency of this company and to aid the organization in managing any serious disruptive crisis in a controlled and structured manner,” says Jim Hutton, Mintek’s president. “I am confident that we are now better prepared to meet the needs of our clients regardless of circumstances.”

The plan establishes a structured approach for anticipating, mitigating, managing and recovering from events that threaten the continued viability of the company or its critical business processes.

“We are capitalizing on today’s technology to help us prepare to continue operations under the worst of conditions,” Hutton said. “For example, one significant part of the plan included installing redundant servers. One is running at our corporate office and another simultaneously offsite in a ‘bunker’ style environment.”

“Regardless of the incident or the severity of the disaster, Mintek now has a plan and the tools in place to establish emergency communications with employees, customers and vendors,” said Steve Elliot, president and C.E.O. of Elliot Consulting Services, whose company worked with Mintek on the BCP.

The plan has been constructed so that designated personnel can immediately and consistently execute their responsibilities in the event an incident threatens the health and safety of Mintek employees, contractors, clients, visitors or neighboring communities; or that threatens the company’s operations, property, assets, brand(s), reputation or financial results.

“It is an important strategic decision on the part of the company to plan for risks and hazards,” Elliot said. “We try to work with companies on the before, during and after part of every incident. Mintek has been through all three phases with us. The plan helps to create an overall culture of preparedness and will allow the company to receive a discount on insurance premiums.”

The BCP was developed in accordance with industry-standard best practices established by DRI International, Business Continuity Institute, NAFP 1600, the Association of Contingency Planners, and other firms specializing in business continuity, emergency preparedness and business resiliency standards.

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