IQware’s IQsem Search Engine Marketing Delivers First-page Search Engine Placement

  • IQware, Inc.
  • 12.08.09
IQsem — search engine marketing services from IQware’s team of talented hospitality technologists — can help properties, “Book ’em, Danno!”

“Our search engine marketing professionals know all of the tactics and ways of influencing search engine results and managing pay-per-click advertising campaigns to ensure they yield solid, measurable results time after time,” says David Perkins, president and CEO of IQware. “Our new IQsem service offering promises — and delivers — the most complete, effective and efficient search engine marketing in the hospitality industry.”

Of the $20 billion spent on online media in 2009, 40 percent goes toward paid search programs — because search engines are where 79 percent of consumers who book travel purchases go first as the quickest and best resource for lodging information. And 90 percent of those who complete a search engine query will click on something they find on the first page of their search results.

“Search engine marketing is simple to understand — if you build it, they will come — but not easy to optimize,” Perkins said. “That’s where we come in. IQsem does all the work for you.”

“Getting a property onto the first page of search engine results takes a special mix of tactics and a keen understanding of how search engine optimization really works,” said Francois Greffard, IQware vice president of operations. “With IQsem, we’ve put together a comprehensive, field-proven approach to getting our clients results through SEO and paid advertisement placement.”

IQsem can deliver results on its own, but is best utilized as part of a complete front and back-end solution.

“IQsem is not just search engine optimization (SEO)," Greffard said. “It’s all that and a lot more, all backed by our comprehensive IQware Global Property Management System and add-on modules like IQmail, IQrez and others that together deliver a total Web marketing solution.”

As part of IQsem, companies' Web pages are designed and written to be especially attractive to search engines. Content is king when it comes to how search engines rank Web pages: The right keywords are crucial to having Web pages stand out and climb to the top of search results.

Anticipating what customers want and making sure keywords are strategically selected is primary, Greffard pointed out. Getting quality links from content on other Web sites also helps drive customers to your property’s Web site and bolster your search engine rankings. Making sure your Web site is coded properly and can be indexed by search engines is a basic, but often overlooked, requirement to good results. IQsem helps ensure no opportunities are missed.

“All of the SEO in the world isn’t going to bring results by itself. It needs to be rounded out with a well-planned and executed pay-per-click advertising strategy,” says Perkins. “Campaign management can be complicated. That is where we come in with IQsem and make your job a whole lot easier.”
Getting the right keywords that work best and attaching specific paid text ads to them is the essence of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategies. When a consumer uses a search engine, the terms they select are the keywords that matter. The results they get, whether in the form of paid text ads or SEO-influenced natural listing results, is what they are looking for and will click on.

“As part of IQsem, we make sure to get the right paid text ads associated with the right keywords — adwords — so consumers get results, no matter what search terms they happen to use,” Greffard said.

Greffard noted it’s critical to garner premium exposure for the terms that current potential visitors to your Web site use to find information about lodging, making sure all SEO and PPC keyword bases and strategies are covered.

“IQware professionals delivering IQsem services understand the complete process and are currently managing more than $1 million per month in paid search campaigns,” said Greffard. “Properties that have both paid ads and high natural search listings from SEO on search engine results pages can yield up to 20 percent or more traffic to their Web sites."

“IQsem delivers unmatched ‘top-of-search awareness,’ which in turn drives brand recognition, occupancies, average daily rates and revenue per available,” Perkins added. 

IQware keeps extending its core IQware Global Property Management System with integrated solutions that help its partners better manage and optimize all revenue channels, decrease operational costs, increase margins and enhance customer service and satisfaction.

IQsem, IQmail, IQrez, and IQlink are IQware’s Fantastic Four revenue-generating modules. News on IQrez and IQmail already has been released and news on IQlink will be forthcoming shortly.

The following is a summary snapshot of just a few of the bottom-line features and benefits of IQsem:

  • Increases search engine marketing effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Manages and automates the keyword bidding process based on defined sales, costs, or combined ROI metrics.
  • Quickly measures marketing ROI without having to merge cost and sales data from multiple sources.
  • Puts your brand and properties atop search engine results — and keeps them there.
  • Transforms the Interent into a lean, mean booking machine programmed to give preferential treatment to your brands, properties and best customers and prospects.
Deerfield Beach, Fla.-based IQware has been “Helping Hospitality Partner With IntelligenceSM” for 25 years. Today, more than 5,000 end users utilize IQware software to help best market and manage more than 120,000 rooms generating more than $3.5 billion in gross room revenue. IQware brings with it more than 300 years of combined experience managing hospitality properties and developing and supporting related software. Built by hoteliers for hoteliers, IQware’s Global Property Management System and more than two dozen add-on modules optimize operations at properties of all types − limited and full-service hotels, resorts, condo-hotels, vacation rental and timeshares − and all sizes − from regional hotel chains to multiproperty management companies to small independents, IQware is a single-source technology partner through ongoing customized training, user-driven technology development, 24x7 support and lifetime software upgrades.
IQware “Helps Hospitality Better Find, Book, Host, Know & Keep Clients.” IQware solutions offer numerous ROI-generating tools including e-marketing, four-tier yield management, IQrez, packages, loyalty points, IQDestinations and IQlink — which pushes your existing PMS inventory directly to the most effective and profitable Intranet, GDS and Extranet channels. IQware also provides point of sale, sales and catering, online reservations, spa management, marina management, central reservations system and e-CRM (electronic customer relationship management solutions). IQware takes technology partnering to a new level with clients in two dozen countries.

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