Philips Lighting Electronics Introduces New Family of Energy-saving EssentiaLine™ Dimming Ballasts

  • Philips Electronics
  • 12.08.09
Philips Lighting Electronics announced the introduction of its new line of energy-saving EssentiaLine™ electronic dimming ballasts, a family of products designed to make the benefits of dimming technology more accessible to professional lighting users than ever before.

Optimized to accelerate end-user payback on a dimming system and lower the total cost of ownership on this investment, EssentiaLine 0-10V ballasts are compatible with daylight sensors or wall dimmers as well as existing fluorescent lamps and 0-10V dimming controls, enabling users to enjoy the key benefits of energy savings and improved light quality in office applications at affordable price points.  The ballasts are initially available in two-lamp T8 models with a .88 ballast factor and dim lamps from 100 percent down to 20 percent power.  EssentiaLine ballasts meet all NEMA Premium® and CSA energy efficiency requirements.  They also represent Philips Lighting Electronics’ first dimming ballasts in the North American market to be fully RoHS-compliant.

Suitable for both new construction and retrofit opportunities, Philips Lighting Electronics’ new family of EssentiaLine electronic dimming ballasts represent a simple and highly affordable approach to lighting control that will enable a broad range of professional users to enjoy the energy savings, high performance and sustainability associated with fluorescent dimming. 

A leader in the ballast industry for over 60 years, Philips Lighting Electronics N.A. offers a full line of Philips Advance-branded ballasts and drivers for fluorescent, HID and LED light sources to the market’s broad range of lighting fixture manufacturers and electrical distributors.

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