Libra OnDemand Making Significant Strides in Spearheading, Supporting CRM Initiatives

  • Libra OnDemand, A Division of Newmarket® International
  • 12.30.09
Libra OnDemand, one of the hospitality industry’s first customer relationship management solutions built entirely on to help hoteliers consolidate guest information, drive sales and enhance customer service, was truly in demand in 2009.

The independent software company, based in Celebration, Fla., has seen installation of its suite of hospitality applications – CRM, loyalty management, event management, analytics, e-mail marketing and customer portal – grow considerably this year, and during one of the most difficult economic climates.

From profile cleansing and centralizing all guest-related information, to e-mail marketing, to managing customer-related activities, Libra OnDemand is currently implemented, or soon-to-be, in more than 380 hotels from New York to California, and at properties in London, Nigeria, Germany, Russia, Mexico, the British West Indies and the Ukraine.
The secret to the company’s rapid success lies in its Web-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) application (a hotel needs nothing more than a standard Web browser, resulting in savings up to 90 percent compared to similar client/server solutions), its platform (all enterprise hardware and software components are hosted and maintained by, and its valued channel partnerships.

In 2009, the following companies began distributing Libra OnDemand: MTech via its HotSOS Hotel Service Optimization System; Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI) via its WinPM and ePM property-management systems; McLaren International Pty Ltd for sales and support throughout Asia Pacific; Sulcus Solutions SL (white labeled Sulcus OnDemand) for sales and support in Spain; and, LIHOTEC Global for worldwide sales, support and large-scale deployments, with offices in Moscow, Russia (Libra Hospitality) and Celebration.

“Customer relationship management is just what its name implies – managing the relationships hoteliers have with their customers or guests — including potential customers and guests,” said Gregg Hopkins, Libra OnDemand president and CEO. “In today’s economy, a company simply can’t survive if its customers aren’t happy and if their demands or needs aren’t being met. Libra OnDemand can very simply and affordably equip hoteliers with the tools they need to learn more about their customers and their behaviors. Once this is accomplished, developing targeted e-marketing campaigns is simple, so they retain guests and keep them coming back.

“We would like to thank our valued channel partners who represent Libra OnDemand around the globe for their collaborative efforts and their exceptional, localized sales and support services,” Hopkins said. “As the world struggles to reach recovery, we believe that working towards a common goal of customer-centric service and support will help the hospitality industry emerge much more quickly from this recession.”

Channel partners concur, saying Libra OnDemand helps their customers improve service delivery:

  • “2009 is a challenging year for many MTech customers. We are committed to offering solutions that will help hotels save money while they enhance the guest experience. Our relationship with Libra OnDemand will give our HotSOS customers more value by providing them with a feature-rich CRM tool at no additional cost.” -- Luis Segredo, president and co-founder of Miami-based MTech.
  • “MSI is thrilled to be working with Libra OnDemand. MSI strives to partner only with those best-of-breed technology and solution providers that share in the same philosophy and desire for client success. Adding the Libra OnDemand solution to our current next generation of products will further empower our collective prospects and clients to meet guest satisfaction and revenue returns on investment.” -- Laura Kirby-Meck, MSI’s chief marketing officer.
  • “Our philosophy at McLaren is to deliver products, solutions and services that add value to a business’s operating environment and to support these with a level of service to match the very best service every business expects to extend to its customers. Libra OnDemand helps to support this philosophy by adding considerable value to hotels through a powerful and dynamic engine out of the box that better manages guest data and supports today’s critical e-marketing process. We are proud to be a Libra OnDemand distributor.” -- Matthew White, McLaren International managing director
  • “Libra OnDemand offers updated and valuable information to sales-and-marketing teams and guest services staff, and helps to tighten the coordination between them. It is simple and very user-friendly. Guest information, corporate accounts and prospect data are easily accessible and organized perfectly for the optimization of e-mails, phone calls, schedules, meetings and so forth. As a result, employees will have updated and complete information, making their jobs easier, while guests receive top-quality service—which means our clients will improve their business.” -- Ramon Alandi, Sulcus CEO.

Libra OnDemand gives hoteliers a complete 360-degree view of each customer. Designed as a single or multiproperty solution, guest profile data is collected and synchronized with various systems, such as PMS, CRS, POS, SPA, etc. This provides hotels with an integrated solution to manage company history, travel agency history, sales masters, guest history and booker profiles. The result is detailed knowledge of every account and contact, while facilitating collaboration and communication across the organization.

In addition, Libra OnDemand offers unrivaled customization capabilities. Users no longer need to rely on IT support to make changes in reports, forms or screen designs. Every aspect of Libra OnDemand can be customized directly by the business user in minutes, without programming, with a simple point-and-click user interface. Libra OnDemand also has the capability to develop supplemental tools that provide rich functionality, such as its recently developed Transportation Management, Guest Surveys and Call Center Management tools. 

Finally, Libra OnDemand integrates with social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, becoming an integral tool in a hotel’s e-marketing strategy and customer communications in order to keep an organization current and competitive. Through social media and messaging, hotels can efficiently monitor user profiles for service response, communicate price promotions and special package offers, provide concierge services, or even notify guests of reservation confirmations, upgrade offers, room readiness, etc. Libra OnDemand can be found on Twitter (, Facebook ( and LinkedIn,, and the company encourages all hoteliers to follow them on these social media sites.

“At this time of year, we reflect and appreciate our relationships with valued customers, partners and friends,” Hopkins said. “On behalf of everyone at Libra OnDemand, Thank you for a wonderful year! We wish you a successful the cloud!”

Libra OnDemand leverages the power of one of the world’s most popular on-demand platforms ( to provide a comprehensive suite of hospitality specific applications: customer relationship management, loyalty management, event management, analytics, e-mail marketing, as well as an online consumer-facing application, customer portal.  Libra OnDemand is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that is designed to drive sales and increase revenues for the world’s premier hotel organizations.  Requiring zero infrastructure or upfront investment, Libra OnDemand is simple to use, easy to customize, and quick to implement.

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