Interface Between TTI Scan2PMS and Amadeus Delivering Enhanced Guest Service

  • Amadeus
  • 01.19.10
In an ongoing effort to develop technology to make the hotel industry vastly more efficient and to simplify the hotel industry technology model, Madrid, Spain-based Amadeus has developed an interface from its property management system to the Scan2PMS Passport and ID Scanning Solution from TTI Technologies.

The direct link between the Amadeus PMS and Scan2PMS will enable front desk staff to capture guest information from a driver’s license or passport at checkin and immediately download it into the Amadeus PMS. This tool enables a hotel to instantly capture a guest’s name, address, date of birth, nationality and more, while providing proof that the guest actually stayed at the hotel.

Scan2PMS is a customized application that allows data to be captured from the ID using optical-character recognition (OCR) technology. It can easily be integrated with third-party applications using XML protocol, and already is interfaced with numerous property management systems. Any hotel with the Amadeus PMS can easily add TTI scanners now that the interface is complete. Amadeus PMS is a dynamic guest/booker database tool designed to anticipate and fulfill guests' needs throughout their stays by providing a complete view of individual guest preferences. It stores guest data, reservation bookings, accounts, stock lists and billing information. Today 6,700 hotel properties in 75 countries use the Amadeus PMS, which is available in 18 languages.

"We are excited to enter into a new partnership with TTI Technologies,” said Wolfgang Emperger, director international sales, Amadeus Hospitality. “This partnership brings us one step further to optimizing processes that make hoteliers lives easier and allowing them to deliver faster, enhanced guest service. This interface eliminates the need for front desk staff to manually type in personal guest data, thereby reducing human error and speeding the checkin process. Moreover, the new digital download of guest data is kept on file for future visits so scanning only needs to be completed once for a streamlined and more secure checkin process.”

Features of TTI’s Scan2PMS include:

  • Reduces checkin time for guests enhancing customer service.
  • Eliminates the need for staff to make photocopies of guests’ driver’s license, passport or other forms of ID while simultaneously reducing paper and printer ink inventory and costs.
  • Downloads data instantly into the hotel’s property management system.
  • Captures accurate address information for future marketing efforts
  • Stores the guest’s photo within the property management system for instant or future verification.
  • Offers the option to save the entire image of the ID or just the guest’s facial photo.
  • Customizes fields where each hotel can determine what data they want to capture (i.e. driver’s license and passport numbers do not have to be saved). 

Features of the Amadeus Property Management System include:

  • Collates guest and hotel data using one format, within a single system.
  • Customizes all data relating to historical and current bookings – including special requests, guest preferences and spend.
  • Communicates with external systems, such as Microsoft Office, to enable the automated production of paperwork. It can also update RMS systems.
  • Automatically generates more than 100 audit, billing and reservation forms.
  • Offers a comprehensive archiving system.
  • Consolidates data from multiple properties.
  • Administers and evaluates package deals and guest activities.
  • Manages conferences, from initial invitations to clear up services lists.
  • Enables detailed accounting and exchange rate calculation through its financial model. 

As concerns over international security heighten, albeit threats from terrorists or threats related to consumer identity, the Scan2PMS solution is rapidly gaining momentum among the global hotel community. Together, the integrated Amadeus/TTI solution raises each hotel’s level of security by providing an electronic record in the PMS that the guest actually is who they say they are by offering front desk staff the ability to compare the in-person guest with his/her form of authorized identification.

“Many international hotels are required to send guest information – such as passport number, issue date and issuing country – to the governing authorities each night,” said Bridget Werba, TTI vice president, sales and marketing. “Scan2PMS makes this process effortless while providing an enhanced level of security for everyone – whether its piece of mind for travelers or asset protection for owners and operators.”

Werba said being armed with accurate data also means hotels are protected against identity theft and false charge-back claims because the system provides proof that the guest actually stayed at the hotel. It also better equips hotel management with the tools they need to personalize guest service and conduct more effective post-stay marketing campaigns because accurate contact information also is captured.

“We offer our kudos to Amadeus for turning around a quick and comprehensive interface,” said Alex Lerner, TTI chief technology officer. “Considering the size and scope of the Amadeus portfolio, the interface development and delivery time was very impressive. Not only are we glad to be in partnership with this leading technology company, but we are confident that through this relationship we are working towards a shared goal of improving guest satisfaction and security worldwide.”

Amadeus offers a full range of technology and distribution solutions to the hotel industry. Amadeus Revenue Management System can increase a hotel property’s revenue by 4 percent to 8 percent and currently has 1,450 customers in 35 countries. 6,700 hotel properties in 75 countries use Amadeus Property Management System and 80,000 hotels distribute their rooms to a global travel-buying market though Amadeus’ distribution solutions.

Amadeus is a technology partner for providers, sellers and buyers of travel. The company provides distribution, IT and point-of-sale solutions to help its customers adapt, grow and succeed in the fast-changing travel industry. Customer groups include travel providers (airlines, hotels, car rental companies, railway companies, ferry lines, cruise lines, insurance companies and tour operators), travel sellers (travel agencies) and travel buyers (corporations and travelers). Solutions are grouped in four solution categories – distribution and content, sales and e-commerce, business management and services and consulting.

Amadeus has central sites in Madrid (corporate headquarters and marketing), Nice (development) and Erding (operations – data processing center) and regional offices in Miami, Buenos Aires and Bangkok. At market level, Amadeus maintains customer operations in 76 countries covering more than 217 markets.

The company is majority owned by WAM Acquisition, whose shareholders are BC Partners, Cinven, Air France, Iberia and Lufthansa. Amadeus employs over 8,600 employees worldwide, representing 105 nationalities.

TTI has been delivering innovative solutions since 1991 serving hotels, resorts, hostels, airports and retailers.  TTI’s technology includes ID scanners, self-service business centers and concierge kiosks, luggage storage solutions, ATMs, signature capture devices, and more. With an international headquarters in New York City and satellite offices in Phoenix, San Francisco, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale and Mumbai, TTI is well equipped to anticipate and deliver exceptional service.

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