KTN Announces a New Approach to Remote-based Hotel Reservations Training

  • Kennedy Training Network (KTN)
  • 01.26.10
Kennedy Training Network (KTN) announced the launch of a training package, including a private reservations webinar series delivered directly to hotel or call center reservations sales teams. 

KTN President Doug Kennedy explained how these webinars differ from other online training options.

“Until now most webinars for the hospitality industry are directed towards a mass audience, with numerous participants at multiple locations attending one webinar together.  This greatly limits the opportunity for individual participation and for customization the message for the audience,” Kennedy said. “With our model, the webinars are presented privately by a KTN trainer directly to your reservations team.  This is proving to be much more engaging for the participants and a results-oriented training tool, especially when combined with mystery shopping reports for measuring the results.” 

According to KTN, the program starts with a three-part series of 75 to 90-minute webinars, typically scheduled for three consecutive weeks.  The content is based on its contemporary new Hotel Reservations SAILS Training program that focuses on conversational (vs. transactional) reservations selling skills.  After scheduling the dates/times that fit your operational needs, participants attend the webinar as a group in any meeting room or office equipped with a computer with Internet access and a speakerphone.  (An LCD projector is recommended for larger groups.)  The webinar series includes homework assignments and activities that engage participants between webinars.

Kennedy went on to explain how this offering was different from other online eLearning options.  “Even with today’s sophisticated e-learning platforms that include multimedia, self-paced online e-learning still has its limits. While it can be a great way to provide technology and systems training, I do not see self-paced e-learning as the most effective medium for training soft-skills such as sales and hospitality,” Kennedy added.  “Alternatively, since this is a live, private webinar, it is much more engaging.  We can really connect with the team and encourage their participation through the homework activities.” 

KTN recommends that the webinar be scheduled conjunction with its reservations mystery shopping assessment and coaching reports.  The service is available monthly with no long-term agreement required.  The criteria can be customized, and checklist results, audio recordings and trend reports are available online. 

“We see this new approach to remote-based reservations sales training as enabling us to reach a whole new market that might not otherwise be in a position to budget for traditional training,” Kennedy added.  “With this new addition, KTN now offers affordable and scalable training solutions for any size property or call center.” 

KTN provides customized, on-premise workshops, area-wide training seminars, private webinars and reservations mystery shopping for hotels, brands and management companies in the topic areas reservations sales, revenue optimization and hospitality/guest service excellence.  Based in Hollywood, Fla.,provides its services throughout North America for clients such as Kimpton Hotels, Peabody Hotel Group, Myrtle Beach Resorts and LaBelle Management, along with over 50 individual hotels and call centers.

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