Online Updates Predicted to Grow to Half a Billion

  • eRevMax
  • 02.19.10
RateTiger published results of its channel management performance for the last four years.

London, UK – The pioneer in benchmarking and inventory management tools has experienced a significant increase in activity year-on-year with over 27 million updates processed in January 2010.

This is the first time RateTiger publishes comprehensive channel management trends of its worldwide hoteliers. Representing customers from around the world, the data shows that hoteliers are clambering to benefit from ecommerce opportunities as consumers shy away from traditional booking methods. Analysis of the data found that hotel customers have increased their online activity by an average of 221% year-on-year (January 2009 – 2010).

“In the next 12-months we are predicting that channel management activity will further increase and go over the scale into half a billion updates a year,” said Sascha Hausmann, CEO, eRevMax. “Hoteliers now understand the importance of maximising sales outreach across the internet and are beginning to realise the potential of consolidating all inventory management processes through a single point of access.”

The eRevMax Group, also owner of RateTiger, has further published destination  data for both channel management and shopping (benchmarking)  – across each of its European locations and North America. The company believes the surge of updates is the result of market conditions forcing hoteliers to join the internet market place and become more tech-savvy as consumers search for the best deals.

“We have been monitoring performance for the past four years and feel we are in the best position to indicate the future of online activity .The demand for intuitive and innovative tools is becoming greater as both independent hotels, groups and technology providers realise that ecommerce is a necessity. In the imminent future the lead booking generator for the industry will most certainly be the internet.”

January 2007 – 2008: 95% growth

January 2008 – 2009: 218% growth

January 2009 – 2010: 196% growth

About eRevMax International

eRevMax International is a leader and pioneer in the field of online benchmarking and channel management for the hospitality industry. The company integrates directly with over 500 travel sites, CRS, PMS and RMS companies to provide hoteliers with ultimate revenue and distribution management tools.

RateTiger, by eRevMax, has become the industry’s benchmark for rate shopping; revenue management and online channel management. Hoteliers save time and money running competitor price benchmarking reports and simplifies complex rate and availability updates across multiple online channels. RateTiger also offers premium reporting, distribution automation tools and OTA/XML connectivity.

eRevMax, founded in 2001,is now operating in over 65 countries and 750 cities. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with regional offices in Orlando, U.S., London, UK, a technical development centre in India as well as six sales offices in mainland Europe. eRevMax currently employs more than 170 people across the globe, rapidly expanding across the European, American and Asian markets.

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