Hotel Plus and HBSi Drive Cash Flow for Their Hotel Partners

  • Hotel Booking Solutions
  • 12.13.06
Hotel Booking Solutions Incorporated, a company that has introduced demand management to the global travel industry, brings order and simplicity to travel distribution, enabling travel companies to unlock their full revenue potential.

Hotel Plus, LLC, is a premier international provider of products and services that enable hoteliers to increase their revenue generated by increasing their online exposure while reducing advertising expenditure.

Its wide selection of hotels and resorts gives online buyers superb choices when planning their travel. Importantly, the service lets guests pay when they end their stay, not when they book. And it’s the hotel that decides the rate. For the guest it’s just like booking with the hotel itself, with no money up front and no hidden charges.

Now, a deal with Hotel Booking Solutions Incorporated (HBSi) means Hotel Plus also can help hotels track and control bookings and differing types of rooms and rates in a unified and seamless way, providing enhanced connectivity for individual hotels and hotel chains.

HBSi lets hotels see where their demand is coming from using instant, online analysis tools, so that they can forecast cash flow and direct marketing efforts where they are needed.

“With HBSi, we give hotels and distributors a single point of entry, thereby decreasing their operating expenditure while maximizing their revenue potential,” said Shaun Sima of Hotel Plus. “The efficiencies we bring go a long way to ensuring the goal of 100 percent occupancy. Around the world, hotel operators can expose their room inventory and manage rates and availability in real time rather than giving up control by allotting blocks of rooms to wholesalers. Hotel Plus is ideally placed to help them do just that.”

“This means yields increase room-by-room,” said Darin McAuliffe, HBSi senior vice president, Demand Partners. “Hotels and distribution channels can both fully realize their revenue potential. With Hotel Plus, we can reduce costs associated with distribution and translate it directly into savings to guests and hotels.”

“In the normal model,” said Scott Fiegehen, director of distribution for Intrawest, “travel distribution, GDS, etc. is accompanied by a high transactional cost. Hotel Plus’ alliance with HBSi lets our common partners radically reduce those traditional distribution costs, increase revenue potentials and focus on delivering faultless process for guests. Interfacing in this manner is a win for everyone involved.”

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