No More Hardware Headaches for the Hospitality Industry Thanks to Thinix

  • Thinix
  • 12.14.06
ThinixSecureOSTM (operating system) by Iowa-based, Thinix, offers the hospitality industry relief for the headaches caused by publicly used computers.

This self-contained computer with the new 3.0 version offers a secure, maintenance free system that will eliminate the budget-draining costs of a typical computer.

Thinix TS-890iTFTM integrates the entire computer into the 15’’ flat panel monitor. The space saving design and rock-solid reliability makes this system an excellent choice for hotel lobbies or guest room installations.
HDTV-LINKTM offers the Thinix system through the screen of most HDTVs.  With this system, which includes a wireless keyboard, guests can easily check their e-mail or surf the Internet between television commercials.
Packaged in a sleek design, these single unit guest-use computers are perfectly optimized for the hospitality industry. They also include convenient set it and forget it features.
“In the past we have spent too much time fixing computers,” says Arizona-based national hotel developer, Kevin Bierl. “The old computers we installed were working less than half the time.”
Now he installs Thinix (HDTV-LINKTM) into all guest rooms of his newest hotels. “Thinix is leading technology that customers can really use.”
Thinix has key features guests want and need, leaving guests few reasons to lug a laptop to hotels equipped with Thinix machines. Access to hotel information, local attractions, and e-mail is just a click away. Management sets the homepage in the browser, customizes the desktop with resort or hotel images, then easily locks the system using Thinix DesktopLock™.
Guests can then:
  • Use the Internet and check web-based e-mail
  • Chat online – with Yahoo, MSN or AOL chat members
  • Edit and create Microsoft Office documents
  • GoToMyPC compatibility to log onto their home or office computer
  • Use other features to seamlessly access their files
Unparalleled security and nearly zero maintenance costs relieve hardware headaches, expensive updates and corruption repairs of typical computer systems. The system automatically resets itself after each use.
Other features that Thinix machines provide:
  • Security from viruses, spyware and adware (Thinix SecureOSTM)
  • Ability to locate lost or stolen computers (Thinix BeaconTM)
  • No hassle updating system (Thinix SecureUpdateTM)
  • Ability to easily manage hundreds of computers (Thinix Cloning™)
  • Total cost-of-ownership investment protection available with subscription (Thinix TotalProtectionTM)

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