MSI and Nova Plus Reach Five Year Milestone

  • Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI)
  • 04.20.10
MSI (Multi-Systems, Inc.), a leader in hospitality technology solutions, reflects on the acquisition of Nova Plus, five years later.

In 2005, MSI acquired the proprietary property management system known in the industry as Nova Plus; along with the client base. While Nova Plus had a substantial customer base, the clients were frustrated with having to manually manage inventory, rates and reservations between the local property and their  CRS. Within the first year of acquisition, MSI was able to resolve the largest client frustration, by delivering the two-way CRS integration as promised.  In addition to developing, releasing and implementing the two-way CRS interface with the Nova Plus property management system, MSI has continued to deliver:
  • Consistent stable Nova Plus Code
  • Loyalty club Enrollment
  • Loyalty club Lookup
  • Web Booking Engine
  • PABP credit Card Solution
“Since we had already experienced three changes in ownership over a 5 year period, I was afraid the product and our jobs would be shelved” recalled Sylvia Trujillo, Account Manager, a 10 year veteran. “Tim and Rick have been great to work for.  They have an openness that I hadn’t always been exposed to and it has made it easier to do my job and manage our Nova Plus accounts.  MSI really is an associate first workplace,” Trujillo went on to say.
Shawn Simonsen, a Nova Plus client for 11 years, recalls thinking “Here we go again. I was afraid that MSI would not complete the two-way CRS interface, forcing me to reinvest in another property management solution.”
“The first national convention MSI participated in immediately following the acquisition was uncomfortable.  Owners and operators wanted and needed the assurance we were not going to retire Nova Plus and that we were going to invest in them, as well as the solution.  The team and I made a commitment to the clients, that we would have the two-way developed and released within one year.  We listened and collectively set milestones to improve the stability of the product and the overall customer support experience,” shared Tim Tiller, MSW, President, MSI.  Tiller went on to say “The following year at convention we were thrilled to report we had delivered, as promised, the two-way interface; as well we had seen tremendous improvement from the support side of the house.”
MSI invested in Nova Plus, the associates and the customer base, creating a win-win-win outcome for all involved.  Shawn Simonsen, recalls.
“I had the 1 ½ way interface prior to MSI’s purchase of Nova Plus, and was worried about upgrading to the two-way because of all of the problems we experienced with the 1 ½ way. My fears quickly disappeared with MSI’s involvement.  We haven’t had any problems with upgrades.  MSI rigorously tests there software before they send it out” Simonsen shared.
By elevating key staff that had a long association with the Nova Plus product, such as Sylvia Trujillo from Support into Account Management, MSI has holistically improved our support experience, Simonsen continued.  “Sylvia is proactive and knowledgeable and makes sure that I get what I need when I need it; I am glad that I stayed with Nova Plus and MSI,” Shawn further stated.
Another long standing Nova Plus client, Lonnie Lillie CHA, , has had similar experiences and concerns prior to the MSI acquisition of Nova Plus.  “Since MSI took over Nova Plus we have seen tremendous improvement on stability and in support.  Delivering the two-way has increased efficiencies and has allowed our staff to focus more on our guests than on the technology.  I have complete confidence when MSI says they are going to do something, they do it, no excuses.  When they [MSI] have told us they were going to release something they have delivered, that’s huge for a General Manager of a very busy property.  It’s nice to know you can still count on something,” shared Lillie.
MSI has not only maintained the Nova Plus client base but key staff as well since Nova Plus acquisition; including long time associate Vincent Pinneo, Nova Plus developer. 
“Nova Plus is a product that I have worked hard to build and maintain.  As with any acquisition, initially there were concerns whether or not it would be a long-term viable solution that MSI would grow and promote development on.  I was encouraged by the level of commitment and positioning MSI shared with all of us, and five years later I continue to be part of a team that has delivered many new things to the Nova Plus platform,” stated Pinneo.
“MSI is a great place to work.  Anytime you are part of an acquired solution the thought does cross your mind whether or not you will truly have a role within the new organization, stated Adam Williams, Sales Manager.  “Five years ago MSI brought us together, shared their vision and their philosophy of associates first, most of us were a little cautious.  It has been really good to see that MSI is true to their word,” Williams further shared.
Tiller further commented “Looking back over the last five year journey it has been one of commitment, promise, and delivery.  Not every path has been without a bump, but whenever the bump has been encountered we have hit it head on.  Working with the NovaPlus associates and clients collectively has enabled MSI to reach this remarkable milestone; five years of successful partnership with Nova Plus, and its user base.  We are proud to represent such a dedicated group of associates and clients and look forward to the next five years.”
About Multi-Systems, Inc.
Serving the hospitality industry since 1990, MSI (Multi-Systems, Inc.) is a supplier of hotel technology and property management software solutions. With an installed customer base of nearly 3,000 hotels and resorts throughout North America, MSI is one of the largest privately-held providers of fully-integrated property management, sales, marketing and catering, point of sale, web booking, and centralized corporate services. MSI specializes in "total system solutions" for management companies and hotel chains by providing central reservation and property system integration.

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