Comtrol Announces Release of Lodging Link Premier

  • Comtrol Corporation
  • 12.18.06
Comtrol announced the release of Lodging Link Premier.  Lodging Link Premier will replace Lodging Link III as its turn-key hardware interfacing product.

Lodging Link Premier enhancements and features include:

  • Runs Lodging Link PTS translation software
  • Runs Windows XP Embedded operating system
  • Larger Processor - 1 GHz processor
  • Increased Storage - 1 gigabyte of solid-state IDE flash
  • Meets European RoHS directive of no lead or hazardous materials
  • 8 DB9 male serial ports instead of DB25 male

Lodging Link PTS Enhancements Include:

  • Runs as a Windows service
  • Enhanced security
  • Windows UI
  • Remote access using Windows Remote Desktop
  • Logging file can be local or to a network share
The migration to the new Lodging Link Premier product brings a change to the PMS Interface. They have implemented Lodging Link PTS software as the base engine for the Lodging Link Premier product. With this configuration, the PMS interface used for PTS does NOT require the Lodging Link start-up sequence that LLII and LLIII customers are accustomed to.
The property management system customer who has used LLII and LLIII in the past will now have two options when selecting a PMS interface from the Buildwizard:
  1. LLPremier (with Startup) - Select this to continue using the start-up sequence and have no code changes.
  2. LLPremier (without Startup) - Select this option to eliminate the Lodging Link start sequence from your code base.

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