ReServe Interactive Announces ReServe Anywhere Hospitality Management Solution

  • ReServe Interactive
  • 12.19.06
ReServe Interactive has introduced ReServe Anywhere, a Web-based version of their hospitality management software, remotely accessible by end-users through an Internet connection and hosted by ReServe on secure, centralized servers.

With the same full-featured capabilities and performance of the traditional ReServe client/server application, this virtual solution is implemented via the Web and eliminates the need for overhead costs associated with on-site technology management.

Through a secure, password-protected Internet connection that is instantly accessed by a downloadable desktop link, ReServe Anywhere delivers end-users real-time, remote access to their catering and event management software to manage banquets and private events; and their dining reservations and table management software to automate advanced reservations and guest seating.

End-users can rely on secure, dedicated servers that host the ReServe Anywhere application, minimizing the risk of viruses, corruption and loss of data.  “We’ve had customers who have not taken the time to back up their data on an external media and they have lost everything,” said Beth Goodell, president of ReServe Interactive. “We take full accountability for uptime, backups, database maintenance, upgrades and service through the experience of our technical staff.” 

ReServe Anywhere brings new levels of efficiency and cost productivity to small and large organizations. For any size operation, the ability to access the ReServe application from anywhere is a valuable convenience, enabling salespeople and managers to work from home, the office, the hotel … anywhere. For multiproperty units, ReServe Anywhere provides the connectivity to facilitate a centralized event sales or reservation office that saves on labor, promotes cross-selling, and offers a comprehensive customer history.

“ReServe Anywhere brings a new level of operability and convenience to the end user. Not only is information secure and easily accessible, it can be managed in such a way that users will see an immediate impact on productivity and operations,” said Lynn Carter, the company’s chief technology officer.  “With the full functionality of the ReServe InteractiveTM software, ReServe Anywhere allows end users to analyze data on an enterprise or local level through comprehensive reporting features, as well as manage multiple properties in one database without having to install and manage a network infrastructure.”

ReServe Interactive specializes in catering, event management, dining reservations and table management applications for the hospitality industry and is the only integrated solution for managing banquets and restaurant reservations in one system. ReServe Interactive software is suitable for a variety of hospitality venues including hotels, restaurants, sports and entertainment facilities, golf clubs, private clubs, cultural institutions and wineries. The company brings more than two decades of experience in hospitality management and software development.

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