TrackIT App for iPad Enhances Package Tracking 'On the Fly'

  • TrackIT, LLC
  • 06.16.10
Hoteliers looking to build the popular iPad tablet computer into their mobile strategies for streamlining guest service and responding quicker to guest inquiries should visit the TrackIT LLC Booth No. 1122 at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC) this month in Orlando.

TrackIT, an affiliate of RHR Systems, has developed a new application for package tracking that uses the Apple iPad to instantly locate where parcels are stored and expedite payment and delivery.
"Hoteliers looking for new ways to enhance their service levels can now do so by fast-tracking the shipping-and-receiving process for packages using the hottest mobile device on the market," said Rob Rodgers, TrackIT Principle. "Previously convention services staffers would be asked 'on the fly' if they could assist a guest in locating an important package. The employee would then have to go to a phone, the closest PC or make the trek to the shipping department to accommodate the request. Not only was this frustrating for the guest, but it was time-consuming for the staff member, who oftentimes was side-tracked from his or her original task."
"Today, equipping convention services and banquet managers with an iPad is efficient, " he said. "As long as the hotel is currently using TrackIT software, staff can immediately report if and when a package was received, who signed for it, and the location where it is being stored. Once that information is identified, the guest can either be advised where to go to retrieve the package or staff can make arrangements to have the parcel personally delivered to the guest, the guest's room or the group's meeting room."
iPad, the tablet computer from Apple Inc., is a new class of mobile device that puts instant online information at users fingertips. The unit uses Wi-Fi or a 3G data connection to browse the Internet, load and stream media and install software. Similar to the iPod Touch and iPhone, the iPad runs a modified version of iPhone operating systems and is controlled by a multi-touch LCD sensitive to fingertips instead of a stylus. It runs iPad-specific apps, as well as those written for iPhone and iPod touch, including e-book readers. The product was released in April 2010, and as of June 1, Apple has sold 2 million units.
Ideal for hotels ranging from 200 to 2,000 rooms and up, TrackIT uses bar code technology to improve a hotel's productivity and the quality of service it delivers to customers. The system interfaces to a hotel's property-management system for maximize effectiveness. TrackIT allows hotels to record each phase of a package's movement from the time it's delivered at the dock to the time it reaches the guest. The system delivers heightened service to guests, reduces labor expenses, increases staff responsiveness and productivity, aids in loss prevention, and provides an instant revenue stream.
“The accountability provided via the TrackIT app for iPad makes the package-tracking and service-delivery process a much more valuable guest-service tool, and a tightly managed source of revenue," said Kelly Smith, TrackIT Principle. "By charging a handling fee for each package—and because TrackIT interfaces with most PMSs and automatically compiles accurate records, a convention’s entire itemized package-services bill can be presented in a matter of minutes at departure—as opposed to days or even weeks later.
“Having to replace the contents of a lost package—if it’s even possible—often can be prohibitively expensive for a hotel,” Smith said. “Perhaps even worse, poor package service increases the risk of losing an entire group’s or corporation’s return business, thus damaging a hotel's reputation and competitive position. Guests expect zero-mistakes. TrackIT, when coupled with iPad, provides a new avenue for delivering exceptional guest service by shortcutting the parcel delivery process."
Formed in 1998 as a software provider for the hospitality industry, TrackIT is a combination of more than 25 years of hospitality industry experience with RHR Rystems and CASEware Technology’s systems development experience. TrackIT provides technical support and ongoing training to its rapidly growing list of hotel clients.

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