Immersion Technology Inc. Helps Make Hotels SMART

  • Immersion Companies
  • 06.17.10
Immersion Technology Inc., a provider of hotel systems support and hospitality technology solutions, has announced the premier release of INSIDE TRACK, using SMART RFID.

Inside Track, through grid technology, saturates guestrooms, hotel outlets and common areas with smart sensors, presenting space and time (location) of staff, management, participating guests and even expensive electronic assets; are always visible on the GRID. Guests have the ability to opt-Into the GRID to be well connected and allow the SMART HOTEL to serve them. By opting in, guests are greeted by staff using virtual ID (name and room number) while management and security have visibility to everyone on-stage, from any computer screen.  Real-time live sensors, creating the grid, provide limited guest information and demographics and present it through property level digital signage giving guests the experience of a lifetime, making the hotel around them, serve them, personally.
Inside Track makes hotels SMART creating targeted advertising opportunities,  by matching approaching guests demographic data and property products and services, every time. Fast forward and rewind features allow a hotelier to see a specific staff members' patterns and tracking throughout their days of work, allowing efficiency recommendations and exposing those who may not be where they say they are, when they say they were. Connecting your staff and guest’s to the Smart Grid can offer many other system integration possibilities.

"Collectively the team at Immersion Technology has been in hospitality for decades.  Our desire was to fulfill a need for efficiency, loss/theft prevention and targeted marketing through the use of RFID inside hotels," said Mark Swanson, president and CEO of Immersion Technology Inc. and Immersion Hospitality Inc. "We followed the patent-pending technology, assembled a dedicated team of hotel technology veterans, and are proud to launch Inside Track at HITEC this year. We believe we have dared to introduce a product and a service different than anything currently being offered in hospitality today. What value do you place on enhancing the guest experience to interactive, and staff supervision while increasing visibility for safety, efficiency and productivity for your property."

“It is clear the industry is pressing forward and seeking efficiencies in order to navigate the challenges posed by the economy within travel and hospitality.  Inside Track puts that kind of power in the hands of the hotelier,” said James Mays, chief operating officer.  “Once the property has the grid in place, there is really no limit to what they can do and to what level they can exercise growth.”

“The solution, Inside Track, works with all smart phone devices, ensuring your guests will delight in the experience of a targeted, enhanced, demographically rich stay at your property,” Swanson said. 

Immersion Technology will continue to develop and seek ways in which it can allow hoteliers the ability to expand beyond what the grid offers today through established HTNG and OTA standards. The company sees that the Inside Track Grid can be expanded to include a variety of other system vendors, and as such, the hotel will be able to grow the use of its grid far beyond Inside Track alone. 
Immersion Technology and the INSIDE TRACK and ITI - Help Desk teams will be at HITEC in booth No. 235.

Immersion Technology Inc. offers new hospitality technology products and services for the hospitality industry providing customers value for services and products. Immersion Technology focuses exclusively on hotels and hospitality verticals working to raise the standards by which new product and services are offered, represented and supported within the industry. Immersion Technology, in addition to the launch of Inside Track, offers innovative approaches to first call, first-tier help desk support and private-label help desk services. Immersion Technology Inc. is the sister company of Immersion Hospitality Inc. that holds a three-year, NAF Government contract for help desk services spanning 79 military lodging institutions.

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