Libra OnDemand Powers Premier Hotels’ Loyalty Program Upgrade

  • Libra OnDemand, A Division of Newmarket® International
  • 06.17.10
One of the Ukraine’s leading luxury hotel brands, Premier Hotels, succeeded in upgrading its Premier Club loyalty program by turning to Libra OnDemand and its suite of easy-to-use Web-based applications.

Libra OnDemand enables hoteliers to manage customer relationships, drive loyalty initiatives, focus sales, manage catering events and perform on-demand business analytics.

Premier Hotels, a seven-property chain managed by Kiev-based Premier International Ltd., recently set out to incorporate an option for earning and spending bonuses within its Premier Club loyalty program, an enhancement that required a solid technical platform. Libra OnDemand's online consumer-facing customer portal and its customizable back-end loyalty management system were a great fit.

"Shortly after implementing Libra OnDemand, we discovered other benefits of the system that we had not even realized, like the meetings and events module, e-mail marketing, extensive reporting capability, the sales activities module and even guest history recording," said Tanya Podgoretska, director of sales and marketing for Premier Hotels. "Libra OnDemand gives us complete control of all of our customer relationship management needs in a single, intuitive solution."

With Libra OnDemand's hosted platform, the system exists in the cloud, able to be accessed by any Internet-connected device with proper encrypted credentials—Premier Hotels has been able to drastically reduce costs for equipment and technical support, by as much as 90 percent, without compromising customer engagement or staff efficiency.

Managing seven properties throughout Ukraine with different property management systems accumulating statistics had proved to be a time-consuming process for Premier Hotels, but Libra OnDemand’s software-as-a-service characteristics streamlined sales efforts and dramatically reduced the company’s internal miscommunications. "With Libra OnDemand, centrally managing our loyalty program has become much easier, as we have all data for all the properties online,” Podgoretska says. “The same concerns sales activities—using account profiles recorded by each of our properties and knowing the background, we can build up our communications with corporate accounts more efficiently and effectively."

Built on the platform, Libra OnDemand is infinitely scalable and integrates seamlessly with the hotel industry’s top property management systems, giving emerging companies like Premier Hotels an affordable CRM solution that can evolve and grow with them. In addition, the loyalty management module is adaptable to any existing loyalty program, providing added flexibility. Points can be awarded based on revenue, number of stays or room nights and redeemed for vouchers, gift certificates, upgrades or free stays. Loyalty program members can even view and manage their membership data online, redeem reward points, purchase gift certificates and request room upgrades through the Libra OnDemand Customer Portal, which is embedded into the hotel company’s Website.

"Libra OnDemand offers mid-size hotel companies like Premier Hotels a flexible and affordable solution for managing their loyalty programs," says Libra OnDemand CEO Gregg Hopkins. "Some of our competitors let guests collect points online, but then force them to contact a call center to redeem them. We provide a full 360-degree solution that enables hotels to manage guest loyalty on their own terms."

Since not all guests want the same things from their hotel loyalty programs—some crave points redeemable for free nights, while others value the perks and special recognition that make travel more enjoyable—Premier Hotels leverages Libra OnDemand’s dynamic CRM platform to effortlessly cater to both types of guests.

Libra OnDemand leverages the power of one of the world’s most popular on-demand platforms ( to provide a comprehensive suite of hospitality specific applications: customer relationship management, loyalty management, group sales and event management, analytics, e-mail marketing, as well as an online consumer-facing application, customer portal. Libra OnDemand is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that is designed to drive sales and increase revenues for the world’s premier hotel organizations. Requiring zero infrastructure or up-front capital investment, Libra OnDemand is simple to use, easy to customize, and quick to implement. 

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