VSi Automated Business Centers: Giving Guests, Owners a Truly Happy New Year

  • Vertical Systems Inc.
  • 01.05.07
Vertical Systems Inc., a company committed to providing comprehensive and innovative guest-services solutions that meet or exceed hotel guests’ expectations, is receiving rave reviews from hotels and guests for its automated business centers.

“Certainly iPo audio equipment, curved shower curtain rods and 600 thread-count sheets are much sexier guest amenities than business centers, but trendy can’t replace tried and true,” said Saeed Kazmi, president of Vertical Systems Inc. (VSi). “Recent industry studies, such as a survey of meeting planners conducted in 2006 by PKF Hospitality Research (PKF-HR), show that business centers rank very high on the wish lists of business travelers all year long. The 2006 PKF-HR Meeting Planner study revealed that 72.6 percent of meeting attendees require business centers at the hotel, followed by fitness facilities (68.9 percent), and pools (61.6 percent). The only item ranking higher than business centers was on-site hotel food and beverage outlets (85.4 percent) -- verifying that travelers want to be productive and healthy while on the road.

“Being able to listen to your own music preferences while on the road is certainly a great way to make guests feel at home . . . and giving guests more room in the shower and providing silkier, more comfortable sheets on the bed also adds to a more home-like environment,” Kazmi said. “The most appreciated guest amenity or service—and the one that delivers the highest levels of customer satisfaction—is the one which keeps guests connected to their office or home while on the road. The desire to communicate is the underlying requirement that travelers have in common. A 24-hour business center gives travelers a desired peace of mind in knowing that they can check e-mails, send messages or print documents right from their hotel any time, day or night. No other guest-service amenity can generate revenues, increase brand or property awareness, and build customer loyalty as quickly and easily as an automated business center.”

VSi is a leader in outsourced, self-service automated business centers, with more than 700 locations installed worldwide. The company provides a comprehensive and automated business center package that includes PCs, laptops, printers, copiers and fax machines. Not only are VSi solutions effortless to operate, but the company offers a unique business model in which all equipment is provided with no upfront cost or need for additional hotel staff. The revenue-share model instantly turns a business center into a profit center.

“At VSi we understand the frustration associated with managing a business center in addition to orchestrating the various other operational tasks required at a hotel,” Kazmi said. “That’s why our outsourced service makes operating a business center so easy.  We manage the business center operation while hoteliers concentrate on doing what they do best – managing their hotels. Together we are providing the best possible guest-service atmosphere. But don’t just take my word for it.”

Vertical Systems Inc. is an approved vendor for Hilton Hotels Corp. and for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. Its Automated Business Centers also are found in Radisson Hotels & Resorts, W Hotels and Sheraton Hotels & Resorts (Starwood), Holiday Inns and Crowne Plaza Hotels (InterContinental Hotel Group), Best Western Hotels, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Fairmont Hotels, Accor Hotels and many individually owned properties around the world. 

“Providing our guests with 24-hour access to business services is very important to us,” said Aamir Khan, director of front office operations for the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel.  “With business travelers becoming technology savvy, the majority of them are able to help themselves at any time they want out of their busy schedule. Our No. 1 concern when looking for a business center partner was customer support. VSi really won our confidence. On a scale of 1 to 10, I believe customer satisfaction never went down below 7. I recommend VSi mainly for the reason that there will be one less headache for the hotel management and the customers to worry about when VSi is operating the automated business center. VSi’s product and customer service are reasons anyone will select them to provide efficient, friendly and hassle free service to the hotel guest.” 

“It is very important to offer a business center to guests today because of the tremendous increase in electronic communication,” said Adam Hamdy, general manager of the Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel in Palo Alto, Calif. “Hotel guests have a great need to be able to accomplish business related tasks in an efficient manner. The automated business center in our hotel is performing quite well. Our guests use the business center frequently and we receive positive feedback regarding their use. We chose VSi because we were confident that they would provide top quality service – and we were right. Our guest satisfaction level with the VSi business center is very high. Guests tell us that it’s very fast and easy to use, as well as very convenient. The customer service provided by VSi also is top notch. They are very responsive to our needs and requests for assistance in a timely manner. We would recommend VSi to other hoteliers because it will help to bring more business to their hotel. Guests today are looking for hotels that provide services that will make their stay more productive. VSi is the solution.” 

Fettah Aydin, director of front office operations and guest services for the Hilton Atlanta, said he believes that “Simplicity is the No. 1 benefit of providing a VSi Automated Business Center.”

“There’s nothing easier than providing guests with a 24-hour automated business center that we as hoteliers don’t have to do a thing to keep it operating smoothly and at high guest satisfaction levels,” Aydin said. “Our business center virtually runs by itself. It’s trouble free. If there is a technical issue, VSi’s customer service and support handle it on behalf of the hotel. We simply love the service and so do our guests. Best of all, we are generating revenue as a result of this partnership.”

The Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott installed the VSi automated business center last month. Alex Tolentino, area systems manager for the property, said, “We are very impressed with the layout in the business center. I have not heard a single negative comment from guests or associates since the VSi business center was installed. Before VSi took over, managing the business center was making me go grey with the headaches. Today, the headaches are gone because VSi has made business center operations much easier on me and effortless for our guests.”
VSi’s computing solutions are specifically designed for multiple, non-repeat usage. In contrast to traditional PCs, when a user logs out of the VSi computer, the computer's entire system is completely rebuilt and a new Windows operating system, factory settings, and applications are loaded. As a result, all the user’s files, personal data, and usage history are permanently erased, thereby ensuring the user absolute information security and privacy. Additionally, in rebuilding the system after each user, any user-loaded non-standard programs (viruses or spyware) that might jeopardize future system or guest security or cause ongoing support and maintenance issues, are also deleted. This proprietary functionality makes the VSi solution ideal for environments such as the hospitality market, where multiple users log on to the same public computer.

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