EZYield.com Assists Nickelodeon Suites Resort with Increasing Revenue Potential

  • EZYield
  • 08.02.10
EZYield.com, an originator of automated online distribution management solutions for the worldwide hospitality industry, has helped the world-famous Nickelodeon Suites Resort save time and labor by streamlining its channel management efforts, slashing the time spent on tedious data input and simplifying precision yield analytics, and allowing more labor time to be dedicated to guest service.

Lisa Cropley, the revenue manager for Orlando’s Nickelodeon Suites Resort—known as Nick Hotel for short,  uses EZYield.com to ensure rate competitiveness and parity across a multitude of online channels.

“In today’s competitive market, hotels must dynamically maintain and monitor third-party sites to maximize revenues,” Cropley said. “EZYield.com is a crucial necessity to any revenue manager or e-commerce manager who is looking for an extraordinary tool to manage rates and inventory for online travel agents on the fly. EZYield.com helps maintain consistent and accurate parity through these sites, which is a crucial part of hotel revenue management and is also a huge time-saving tool.”

Cropley uses EZYield.com’s Classic Yield Functionality to easily change rates while maintaining parity across channels, leveraging the technology’s ability to automatically calculate individual margins by third-party channels. Without having to do such calculations and data input manually, Cropley and her team are free to spend more time analyzing yield data. Additionally, the tool’s intuitive EZSync feature saves Cropley time and potential errors on initial rate loads with new distribution partners by duplicating, customizing and syncing existing rates to the new platform.

And with automated connectivity to hundreds of hotel booking sites across the globe, EZYield.com gives Nick Hotel a level playing field to compete for reservations with its branded rivals. “As an independent property, Nickelodeon Suites Resort relies on its online channel partners for increased visibility,” Cropley said. “EZYield.com has helped expand our reach on third-party Websites. I would recommend this product to any company that would like to reduce labor, increase productivity, and optimize revenue potential through third-party exposure.”

EZYield.com’s Web-based platform makes channel management convenient and fast, allowing hotel general managers and revenue managers to make adjustments to inventory allotment and rate in near real time from anywhere in the world. Additionally, EZYield.com’s client customer service is renowned throughout the industry for its knowledgeable and professional representatives, helping hoteliers to get the most out of the technology’s entire suite of benefits.

“Independent hotels—even those bearing an iconic name like Nickelodeon—need some help getting exposure of their inventory out in front of consumers, and EZYield.com makes managing dozens or even hundreds of channels a simple, quick exercise,” says Ed St. Onge, CEO of EZYield.com. “With manual data entry exponentially reduced, Nick Hotel’s revenue management team can focus on more important things, like creating family memories that last a lifetime.”

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