High-Tech Hotel 1000 Taps HotSOS, Vocera to Streamline Guest-Response

  • MTech, A Division of Newmarket® International, Inc
  • 01.05.07
When Seattle’s Hotel 1000 opened June 2006—one of the most technologically-advanced mixed use development properties of the 21st century—they wanted a guest-response system that could anticipate and support the individual needs of every guest.

To streamline communications, increase productivity and maximize guest satisfaction, the property partnered with MTech for its Hotel Service Optimization System (HotSOS, pronounced hot sauce) and Vocera Communication, a wireless communications system that provides hands-free, voice and messaging solutions.

“Hotel 1000 is designed to offer one-of-a-kind personalized service tailored to the unique expectations of every visitor,” said Dave Mason, Hotel 1000 director of facilities. “Although we have an abundance of high-tech systems in place—including a fully-converged wireless-enabled network throughout the property to scalable wireless in guestrooms and VoIP telephones—the Hotel 1000 story is about how cutting-edge technology is being applied to enhance service to the guest. The technology solutions provided to us by MTech and Vocera are enabling our team to more effectively anticipate and consistently execute a world-class guest experience.”

“We selected HotSOS as the best-of-breed guest-response and report-generation system to support our customers, staff and owners,” he said. “HotSOS is interfaced with peripheral building-management systems and also communicates with Vocera, our two-way wireless handheld communications. Combining HotSOS with Vocera enables us to start and complete work orders on the fly and target technology issues with greater expediency.”

“HotSOS empowers us to maintain the building in a way that instantly adds value to the guest experience while enabling us to preserve the owners' asset for the long run,” Mason said. “Engineers are the get-it-done guys. We don’t want to be in the limelight and we are happiest when we can solve a potential problem without troubling a guest.  All they experience is a delightful, memorable stay.”
Donald Kenney, Hotel 1000 IT manager, explained that Vocera is being used as a wireless VoIP replacement for more traditional walkie-talkie handsets for voice communication and text messages. When work order requests are downloaded into the HotSOS system, a text message is immediately sent from HotSOS to the related hotel department. For example, if a light bulb is burned out in a guestroom, the information is downloaded into HotSOS and then the work order is text messaged to the engineer wearing Vocera. Within minutes of the guest request being issued, the closest engineer is directed to the guestroom with light bulb in hand. The result is a quicker and more seamless interaction with the guest which also significantly improves service response time and enhances overall productivity.

“Together HotSOS and Vocera allow us to expeditiously process guest history information and streamline behind the scenes communication flow,” Kenney said. “HotSOS enables us to gather, archive and utilize guest service-related data to better anticipate and expedite the individual needs of every guest.  These advantages have enabled Hotel 1000 to redefine the luxury hotel experience and raise the bar for leading-edge technology services in a hospitality environment.”

MTM Luxury Lodging, which manages Hotel 1000, is working within the parameters defined by Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) by bringing together the leading companies in the hospitality industry to cooperate in constructing a fully integrated system. MTech is a proud HTNG partner.  

”Unexpected pleasures are standard in every room at Hotel 1000,” said VP and general manager, Brian Flaherty. “For example: Intelligent ambiance controls are customized for every guest. LCD HDTV's and high-speed wireless expedite connectivity is available 24-7. Art adjusts to individual tastes and even the bathtub looks like a work of art. An intelligent private bar knows when you are out of your favorite refreshment, and signals staff to replenish while you are away. Doorbell signage alerts staff to your preferences and signals them digitally when you are ready to have your room made-up so we don’t interrupt you.” 
However, Flaherty emphasized, “The real story at Hotel 1000 is about service—genuine, caring, what-matters-to-the-individual-guest-service, consistently delivered every moment of every day—and how our cutting-edge technology provides the Hotel 1000 team with a distinct competitive advantage in our efforts to create extraordinary experiences for our guests.”

“We are delighted that the technology-savvy Hotel 1000 is such a satisfied supporter of HotSOS to enhance guest service,” said Luis Segredo, MTech president and co-founder. “HotSOS delivers improved work-order dispatching, expanded data manipulation, and better report generation and sharing options that have been needed by engineers and managers for a very long time. Together with Vocera, HotSOS has created the ability for Hotel 1000 to offer world-class guest service quickly, thanks to smarter management decisions that are based on up-to-the-minute, enterprise-wide business intelligence.”

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