EZYield.com Does Work of Multiple Revenue Managers for Denihan Hospitality Group

  • EZYield
  • 08.11.10
Leading luxury boutique hotel chain Denihan Hospitality Group has emerged as a vocal advocate for EZYield.com, an originator of automated online distribution management solutions for the worldwide hospitality industry.

EZYield.com’s Web-based distribution platform saves New York City-based DHG hundreds of thousands of dollars each year while improving rate parity and inventory control across the company’s portfolio of renowned hotels.

DHG, whose brands include Affinia Hotels and The James, uses EZYield.com to support its team of five area directors of revenue that operate on a cluster basis. EZYield.com’s Classic Yield Functionality allows DHG revenue managers to easily change rates at multiple hotels on a group or individual basis while maintaining parity across their distribution channels.

Robert Van Bremen, assistant vice president of revenue management and distribution for DHG, so appreciates the simplicity of EZYield.com that the deciding factor of whether to partner with a new distribution channel often depends on if the channel is integrated with EZYield.com. “Fortunately, the list of channels that integrate with EZYield.com is so long that it’s rarely a problem,” he said. “But when it comes up, I usually tell the channel, ‘Look, call up EZYield.com and work on getting hooked into their system—then we’ll talk.’”

As an expanding company, DHG is frequently targeting new source markets via diverse, localized channels. Since EZYield.com has channel partnerships across the globe, Van Bremen knows it will not take long before DHG inventory is front and center to consumers in whichever source market is being targeted.

EZYield.com’s Web-based platform makes channel management convenient and fast, allowing Van Bremen and his team of revenue managers to make adjustments to inventory allotment and rate in near real time anytime and from anywhere in the world—even during a weekend excursion to his in-laws’ house. “One of my hotels called me up on a recent Saturday evening and said we had just oversold and that we needed to close out the inventory. Instead of having to walk the front desk agent or someone at the call center through the process—or worse, having to come into the office myself—I just got on my mother-in-law’s computer and made the changes myself on EZYield.com,” Van Bremen said. “Because of EZYield.com’s Web-based accessibility, I know the inventory adjustment was done correctly, and the hotel staff was able to keep their focus on serving the guests.”

As for ROI, one need not crunch a ton of data to realize the financial benefits that DHG sees annually from EZYield.com. Without the channel management simplification offered by EZYield.com, DHG would have to employ perhaps twice as many revenue managers to keep up with the mountains of data entry, Van Bremen says. DHG revenue managers are able to adjust 90 days’ worth of rates for each hotel in under an hour with EZYield.com. “There is simply no way we could revenue-manage 13 hotels with just five of us without EZYield.com—it cuts the time we spend on data entry by easily 70 percent,” he said. “For a relatively small but growing company like Denihan, that makes a huge difference in our bottom line.”

EZYield.com’s client customer service is renowned throughout the industry for its knowledgeable and professional representatives, helping hoteliers to get the most out of the technology’s entire suite of benefits. Van Bremen lauds the flexibility and immediate response time of the client service team for quickly solving any issue that happens to crop up.

“Our promise to the more than 3,500 hotels using EZYield.com is simple: We’ll take the headaches out of channel management and save you some money while we do it,” said Ed St. Onge, CEO of EZYield.com. “We’re proud that Denihan Hospitality Group has come out as such an enthusiastic proponent of our product, and we are thrilled that we can help them on their way to becoming the world’s premier hotel company.”

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