SmartCellar by Incentient Brings Wine into the 21st Century

  • Incentient, LLC
  • 08.24.10
The SmartCellar System, developed by Incentient Transaction Services, is paving the way for the future of restaurants, for both industry professionals and their customers.

By utilizing Apple’s iPad, SmartCellar is, first and foremost, a medium through which to display and educate restaurant-goers about the often overwhelming number of wines a restaurant has to offer.

Based in Jericho, N.Y., Incentient is a transaction services company that is just beginning to modernize the hospitality industry in its entirety. In the past year, Incentient has developed groundbreaking software that allows guests to directly control their hotel experience, from room service to housekeeping, within the comfort of their own room using a simple touchscreen. As their client base extends to the restaurant industry, Incentient is at the forefront with their new just-released product for wine-heavy venues, SmartCellar.

SmartCellar is already turning heads at top restaurants in the United States such as SD26 and Essex House’s Southgate in New York City, Iron Chef Michael Symon’s Lola in Cleveland, Barbacco in San Francisco and Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica. It will soon be installed at Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley, and enjoy significant deployment in Todd English restaurants nationwide.  Making waves overseas, Gordon Ramsay is the latest celebrity chef to sign on with Incentient, as SmartCellar successfully debuts at Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s in London.  

“There are no national boundaries when it comes to great food paired with great wines, and our success in Europe signals a worldwide market for us that we are eager to serve,” said Incentient Chairman and CEO Patrick Martucci.

Long gone are the days of massive, tome-like wine lists that are both intimidating and difficult to handle for the average wine connoisseur. With SmartCellar, choosing a wine has been streamlined to the point of straightforward intuition for even the most techno-phobic consumers. Patrons need only choose from basic categories like red, white, dessert or sparkling, to systematically find their way to a favorite new vintage. SmartCellar’s innovative touchscreen system also speeds up the wine selection process with a wealth of both visual and written information, getting the customer in and out of the restaurant quickly and efficiently; foregoing the need for a sommelier entirely, if so desired.

For restaurateurs, SmartCellar is becoming an invaluable time and money-saving asset. Originally designed to help keep track of a sommelier’s ever-changing stock of wines, SmartCellar has become so much more. With this innovative technology, wine selections are registered in the form of readable data to help provide feedback for the management in terms of which vintages customers are ordering most. SmartCellar is also inherently eco-friendly, helping restaurants reduce their carbon footprint. Its robust interface allows restaurateurs to completely eliminate the printing and production costs for menus and daily specials, not to mention changes in pricing and availability.

Integrating SmartCellar into an existing restaurant is as hassle free as using the touchscreen system itself. The software is customized to suit each individual restaurant’s needs as an extension of their décor and vision. Apart from SmartCellar’s unique ability to mimic aesthetics, the technological aspects of the program are entirely independent, and do not interfere with pre-existing software that a restaurant might be using.

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