New RAPID Workforce Management Toolkit from IHL Consulting Group Speeds Adoption Process and Lowers Retailers’ Costs

  • IHL Consulting Group
  • 01.10.07
IHL Consulting Group announced The RAPID WFM Project Toolkit, a methodology that facilitates new Workforce Management (WFM) systems for supermarkets, specialty stores and other retailers.

“Many retailers are looking to implement new integrated workforce management systems that integrate labor scheduling, task management, time and attendance and other features,” said Greg Buzek, president of IHL Consulting Group, an analyst firm and consultancy that serves retailers and retail technology vendors. “The computing power and complexity of these systems are beginning to approach that of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems because of the number of variables involved; however, the results are dramatic for the bottom line. The RAPID WFM Toolkit provides retailers with the tools to organize and prioritize their requirements and get projects completed in the most efficient manner.”

The RAPID WFM Project Toolkit provides project definition, RFP development using NRF-ARTS functional requirements, vendor selection and project execution that result in a reduction of up to 50 percent in the time to pilot, while ensuring all functional requirements and vendor selection occurs via a comprehensive and thorough process. The toolkit was developed in conjunction with C-CORE Consulting Group, a process management consultancy that serves retailers.

“Retailers are faced with too many initiatives, loss of resources and expertise over time and the need to demonstrate due diligence and fairness in all vendor selections and capital expenditures, increased by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act,” said Frank Urbaniak, consulting principal of C-CORE Consulting Group. “Scope definition is most critical when attempting to harmonize business processes and requirements across disparate business units, especially for companies that have grown through acquisition. The purpose of the Toolkit is to ensure that the critical decisions between the business and IT are addressed to support a comprehensive vendor selection process and project launch. This is especially important in workforce management as the successful project has commitment from–and impact on–operations, HR, finance and IT.”

The RAPID WFM Project Toolkit includes content embedded templates and facilitated sessions with proven retail professionals experienced in efficiently implementing large scale projects. The templates within the Toolkit jumpstart scope development and ensure all key project participants (business, IT and vendors) have a common understanding of project goals and deliverables. The components of the toolkit include the following:

  • Business function model
  • Functional, technical and vendor services requirements
  • Vendor pricing evaluation
  • Standard RFP template with NRF-ARTS functionality
  • Vendor session scheduler/checklist for demos
  • Vendor demo scoring grid and reference check
  • Deployment and risk mitigation plans
  • Pilot success criteria
  • Training analysis
  • Program/project dashboards

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