F&B Labor Scheduling Robot Unveiled by Carnus Systems

  • Carnus Systems
  • 01.10.07
Carnus Systems introduced the AI Scheduler™. one of the first technologies to utilize advanced, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence computing to automatically forecast daily and meal period cover demand for upcoming weeks, calculate daily and meal period labor requirements for upcoming weeks, optimize staff scheduling requirements, and generate complete weekly labor schedules for each food and beverage employee by the hour.

The AI Scheduler™ was developed to aid hotel operations by providing high forecasting accuracies (between 80 and 90 percent) and automating labor scheduling.  Together, these capabilities impact food and beverage operations by lowering labor costs and increasing profitability. Similar to a human brain, artificial intelligence continually learns from its environment and is capable of performing a variety of very complex forecasting and scheduling tasks within a few seconds, thus alleviating hotel management from manually forecasting and scheduling multiple outlets which can take up to 12 hours per week of valuable management time. 

Unlike managerial guesswork and capture ratios that often yield poor results and excessive labor costs, the artificial intelligence technology at the heart of the AI Scheduler™ is an innovative approach to forecasting and scheduling.

Features of the AI Scheduler™  include:
  • Takes employee seniority, preferred work times, vacations and union regulations into account when generating schedules.
  • Creates pre-set shift times.
  • Specifies work positions (i.e. server, runner, cashier, etc.) and recommends optimized labor standard.
  • Suitable for installation in food and beverage operations that have between 10 and 100,000 employees.
  • Completely automates the food and beverage scheduling process, and generates forecasts and weekly schedules on-the-fly in seconds with no calculations necessary.
  • Provides views of bi-hourly forecasts of customer and departmental demand.
  • Provides views of schedules online. 

According to Fred Hoffman, food and beverage director of the 966-room Hyatt Regency in Jacksonville, Fla., “Such technology would take human error out of scheduling, [a factor] that causes 90 percent of the problems we see.  Each week when schedules are posted, conflicts occur due to employees mistakenly not receiving days off that they were entitled to, seniority issues, special requests, etc. This technology would prevent these conflicts from occurring."

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