Distribution Solutions from EZYield.com Help Fuel Expansion For California Boutique Hotel Group

  • EZYield
  • 09.29.10
When Christian Dettman, rooms division manager for Shade Hotel Manhattan Beach first came onboard with the luxury boutique property in January of this year, he already had a plan in mind to streamline the online distribution and channel management system.

Having used EZYield.com’s channel management solution for a year and a half at a previous property, he was already familiar with its ability to shave hours of staff time off the daunting daily task of distributing rates, inventory and packages to multiple online channels.

By late February, Dettman had implemented the EZYield.com system at Shade and successfully established rate parity across all of their contracted distribution channels—no small feat in the first 30 days on the job. The daily time required for channel management shrunk to just minutes a day from the 3 1/2-plus hours demanded by the manual log in and data entry method that was previously used.

“Managing all the extranets we use to distribute rates and inventory used to eat up a lot of time on a daily basis,” said Dettman. “With EZYield, it takes just a few minutes twice a week to maintain, and it frees up more time to strategize on maximizing ADR.”

In order to take advantage of all that extra time for strategizing, Dettman also decided to implement the iNNtelligenz market intelligence tool, which is designed to work alongside the EZYield channel management system to create a comprehensive, Web-based solution. By providing competitive rate data collected from major travel Websites, iNNtelligenz allows hoteliers to see what their customers see online and helps them make better rate decisions that they can quickly and easily distribute to the correct channels.

“Like EZYield, iNNtelligenz saves us a ton of time and is extremely user friendly,” said Dettman. “But what I really love about this product is the value. Instead of paying close to $2,000 annually for some other reports, I can pay just a fraction of that and have much more information in front of me. It allows me to really see what my comp-set is doing in the area and how my rates and availability compare. I can analyze trends from other hotels and decide to follow them—or buck the trends and become the leader. It gives us all the tools we need to position ourselves strategically in the market.”

Another advantage that the two systems share, according to Dettman, is that they are both Web based and can be accessed from any PC or Web-enabled device with most popular browsers. “I have both EZYield and iNNtelligenz bookmarked on my iPhone, so I’m not tied to my office computer anymore,” he said.

This mobility will soon be taken on the road, as The Zislis Group opens up its second property, Shade Hotel Redondo Beach, just south of the current location. “The efficiency, productivity and profitability that EZYield and iNNtelligenz have helped us create at Shade Hotel Manhattan Beach have allowed us the additional time and resources we needed to invest in another property at a time when other properties are struggling or cutting back,” Dettman said. “That’s a very powerful statement.”

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