Capton a Must-Have for Marriott Atlanta Perimeter

  • Capton
  • 01.15.07
Capton announced that the Marriott Atlanta Perimeter is among a growing number of Marriott properties becoming Capton customers after completing a proof of concept.

According to Capton’s CEO, Scott Martiny, “Proof of Concept (POC) projects are designed to prove the fit of the Capton Beverage Tracker solution in the customer environment, to understand the Return on Investment (ROI) opportunity for the customer, and to establish the information around which a successful RFID-based system can be deployed for a prestigious hotel property such as the Marriott Atlanta Perimeter.”

“Clearly the financial impact stood out,” says Area General Manager, Robert Woolridge. “It was phenomenal to see a reduced beverage cost of four points. Plus, the potential for those continued savings is phenomenal and that speaks volumes.”

“Another not so obvious benefit that clearly has a financial impact,” adds Assistant General Manager, Peter Byers, “is drink consistency.” The importance of mixology standards and bartender adherence to drink preparation in the ever growing list of specialty cocktails is high for the Marriott organization.

The Perimeter Grille where the Capton POC took place does a fair amount of local business, according to Woolridge, because it has been around awhile and has built up a local market. “We want to be considered ‘old reliable’, so quality and consistency of drinks is an important guest experience issue,” declares Woolridge. “We want the not so obvious conclusion that this is a place to get a great drink. Capton helped us get over pouring and under pouring in line, because when the drink doesn’t mirror the recipe, the guest experience suffers and it definitely has an overall financial impact.”

“The snapshot savings we saw from one bar showed us the value of purchasing more systems”, says Woolridge. “We are very excited to be one of the first Marriott properties to utilize Capton’s new mobile catering unit. The lion’s share of our food and beverage business is in banquets. If both the quality of drinks and the financial results are as good as we saw with Capton’s Beverage Tracker at one bar, the results will be huge.”

Woolridge likes to use the term “inspect what you expect”, which is to say, inspect the standards that you expect a system to deliver, whether for guestroom experience, bar experience, food experience, etc. “In our fast-paced operating environment, what is overall important must sometimes take a back seat to what is immediately important,” says Woolridge. “Capton gives managers an extra level of confidence in their ability to maintain control procedures. Beverage Tracker provides a built-in inspection system. We now have internal beverage control – and, we know the expected outcome. Given the service nature of our business having a product like this is a no-brainer.”

“Capton’s team did a good job of figuring out how to resolve other internal challenges,” adds Peter Byers, “such as a number of different brands being rung up under one POS key – just because it was easier to execute. They assisted us in isolating the problem and provided a clear audit trail to solve it. I don’t think we’ve touched the surface, so to speak, in terms of what the system can do.”

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