Social Networking Tool Makes Collaboration Easy For Libra OnDemand Users

  • Libra OnDemand, A Division of Newmarket® International
  • 10.13.10
Libra OnDemand, a leading provider of cloud-based hospitality CRM applications designed to drive sales and increase revenues for some of the world’s premier hotel organizations, announced the integration of’s Chatter, a cutting-edge business networking platform featuring an interface similar to that of popular social networks Twitter and Facebook.

All Libra OnDemand users automatically have complimentary access to Chatter.

As the first enterprise social collaboration application and platform, Chatter has been nicknamed by some users as "Facebook for the Enterprise." The platform borrows several familiar features of the social networking site, repurposing them in a business context—Chatter's features include user profiles, status notifications, commenting capability and groups.

Chatter makes it easy to stay on top of prospective deals, especially in the fluid world of hospitality sales. Every type of record within the Libra OnDemand system is now Chatter enabled, meaning users can easily follow the people, documents and applications most relevant to them, with the option of receiving updates whenever edits are made or statuses are changed.

Hospitality organizations can use Chatter to keep tabs on client activities, build customer relationships and discover new prospects and opportunities. Because of Chatter’s collaborative nature, users can share leads and track deals across the organization from initial contact to contract close, making sure no opportunities fall through the cracks while generating additional business along the way.

Besides the helpful functionality for sales people, Chatter offers obvious guest service and customer relationship management applications as well. Use Chatter to notify on-property personnel when special guests check in, for example, keeping an interactive written dialogue about the guest's needs, complaints and preferences for immediate and long-term reference. Managers or line staff alike can alert colleagues of day-to-day operational crises and follow the issues to conclusion, without the need to organize impromptu, time-consuming meetings.

"Chatter allows users to communicate more easily with their peers, eliminating the need to flood colleagues’ inboxes with superfluous e-mails and erasing worry that someone may be inadvertently left out of the loop,” said Libra OnDemand CEO Gregg Hopkins. "We’re pretty excited about it—it’s a cool little tool that dramatically enhances the Libra OnDemand user experience and which will help our clients do business more efficiently.”

While Chatter is decidedly more business-oriented than Twitter and Facebook, it is capable of integrating nicely with those popular public platforms. Chatter lets marketers and salespeople run measurable Twitter campaigns and to interact with prospective clients on the external sites, all from an application embedded within Chatter. And while Chatter interfaces outwardly with Twitter and Facebook, it runs on's private, secure platform, meaning data is only as public as the user wants it to be.

Chatter is available as a desktop client, able to deliver requested notifications whether the Libra OnDemand application is open and running or not. It also exists as a mobile application, available for download on the iPhone, Android or BlackBerry operating systems.

Libra OnDemand's suite of customizable, cloud-based hospitality CRM technologies are natively embedded on the platform. Besides making Libra OnDemand infinitely scalable and allowing it to seamlessly integrate with the hotel industry’s top property management systems, this architectural backbone means that all Libra OnDemand clients automatically have access to’s CRM automation tools and technologies.

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