OpenWays' Mobile-key Platform Displayed at IHMRS Aiding in National Industry Green Efforts

  • OpenWays
  • 10.26.10
Next month, hoteliers from around the globe will be flocking to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York with one goal in mind: Powering [Their] Business for the New Economy - the theme for the 2010 International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show November 13-16.

One way in which hoteliers plan to re-energize their operations through the recovery is by becoming more  green in 2011 and beyond. OpenWays, one of the hospitality industry's first mobile key front-desk bypass solutions, gives hoteliers a new platform for sustainability by dematerializing keys and cards and instead sending them over the air to cell phones. Through its new "Plastic or Data?" campaign, which will launch at the IH/M&RS in booth No. 2551, OpenWays is giving travelers and hotel operators a voice for choice.

"There are no key cards greener than the OpenWays acoustic credentials which are only made of data," said Pascal Metivier, OpenWays founder and CEO. "By migrating to a mobile-key platform, OpenWays is enabling hotels to make a significant contribution to the environment."

Metivier said the message being delivered through the OpenWays "Plastic or Data?" campaign is based on its new "Check-In Your Way" principle:  1) Travelers choose to use their mobile phone to bypass the front desk and to support a 100 percent green environment during their stays, or 2) Travelers choose to stop at the front desk to obtain a plastic key card but are offered the option at the desk to replace the key card by using their cell phones. Either way, the hotel is giving guests more choices at checkin and they have a new vehicle in which to showcase and communicate to their guests that they are taking a proactive stance towards protecting the planet.

"OpenWays does far more than just allowing hotel guests to use their cell phones - rather than a plastic key card - to securely open their room doors," Metivier said. "It opens new avenues of communication between the hotel and its guests. Using Plastic or Data? messaging during the guest registration process - whether its online before the guest arrives at the hotel or at the front desk during checkin - empowers guests to control their hotel experience and simultaneously make a direct contribution to the environment. When guests opt for OpenWays data checkin, they can automatically enroll for future next stays, further streamlining checkin and allowing guests to bypass the front desk."

OpenWays works via the principle of Crypto Acoustic Credential (CAC™) and text messaging (SMS).  Once registered, OpenWays delivers an encrypted tone or credential to any mobile phone (smartphones or standard phones) operating on any network to any user anywhere in the world. Not only does this free up hotel staff to spend time with guests who are looking for personal one-on-one assistance, but it keeps millions of non-biodegradable room keys from ending up in landfills each year.

"Green electronic locking systems do exist, albeit it only through OpenWays," Metivier said. "It's critical that hoteliers today understand that they can easily and cost-effectively turn their existing door locks into a viable, sustainable green solution by simply retrofitting their existing locks with an OpenWays decoding listening device. It doesn't matter what type of card-reader technology the hotel is using, such as magnetic-stripe cards, smartcards or RFID cards. OpenWays can upgrade each lock into a green, CAC™-supported device in just minutes."

Because it also interfaces to the hotel’s property management and central reservation systems, OpenWays can facilitate the following mobile applications: bookings, confirmations, upgrade offers, e-payment/e-ticketing vouchers, e-concierge, social network localization, loyalty apps, convention services, partner programs and more, he said.

"As people search the exhibit hall at the IH/M&RS next month looking for sustainable solutions, I sincerely hope that they keep OpenWays and our Plastic or Data? campaign top of mind," Metivier said. "The green benefits of OpenWays are astounding, and giving guests a choice at helps to directly contribute to brand loyalty and differentiation. We encouraged all hoteliers interested in giving guests the Plastic or Data? choice to pre-schedule an appointment at the IH/M&RS. We're standing by to show you how to truly unlock your hotel's green potential."

OpenWays will be on display in booth No. 2551 at the International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show November 13-16 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

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