GBCblue Significantly Enhances ORION/GORION Functionality by Integrating with SynergyMMS®

  • Ascension Software™
  • 10.27.10
With its ORION Web and GORION Mobile transaction-based guest ordering solutions growing in great demand, GBCblue announced a strategic integration partnership designed to streamline operational efficiencies, improve employee accountability and enhance the quality of service delivered to the guest, thereby improving hotels' guest satisfaction scores.

"We are pleased to announce that ORION and GORION now seamlessly integrates with the SynergyMMS® Maintenance Management System from System Associates Inc. (SAI)," said Joe Adkisson, GBCblue executive vice president. "Through this partnership GBCblue is delivering even more value to its customers by enabling them to leverage relationships with existing software suppliers in order to deliver long-term value to guests and a stronger return on investment for owners and brands.” 

"Communications is always the key to a successful relationship," he said. "By opening the channels of communication between our two companies, we are enhancing the service-delivery process on the back end while dramatically advancing the guest experience on the front end. As demand continues for Web and mobile guest-service applications, GBCblue will continue to develop integration partnerships that further strengthen our strategy and reinforce our values and services as a total technology solution provider for hotels and resorts around the globe.”

GBCblue's ORION is a transaction-based system that allows guests using their own personal devices to interact with an unlimited suite of hotel products and services. Through ORION, hotels easily create their own customized Web-based property portals. These portals allow guests to directly interact with property services, such as ordering room service, amenities or other property services right from their laptops, PCs in the hotel's business center, or the guests' own smartphones.

GBCblue’s GORION mobile ordering assistant is an iPad/iPhone/iPod touch application that puts the power of the ORION portal directly in the hands of guests. GBCblue offers hoteliers a 100 percent Schedule D PCI-compliant experience to ensure guest safety and enhanced reliability.

With direct integration to the SynergyMMS, hotels can automate and streamline guest services by providing guests with a front-end UI, thereby increasing staff productivity while providing guests with the highest level of service.

System Associates Inc. has served the hospitality industry since 1981. SynergyMMS is a leading computerized maintenance management system designed to improve communication and workflow for the many departments involved in the maintenance process. The end result is greater accountability, efficiency and an improved guest experience. Elements of the program include: work requests, preventive maintenance, inspections and reports.

"The ORION/GORION/SynergyMMS integration is an ideal way for hotels to leverage their existing investment in workflow automation software by applying an action to the existing needs of their guests," said John Clark, director of marketing. "SynergyMMS allows guests to bypass the PBX and report maintenance concerns, request supplies or send a message directly to team members, such as valet, housekeeping or maintenance staff, using their personal laptops or mobile devices. By having a direct link between guests and service staffs, travelers have more control in managing their stay and improving their hotel experience. Whether they are requesting additional linens or towels, reporting in-room equipment issues, or needing luggage to be delivered or stored, the direct link between SynergyMMS and ORION/GORION improves task workflow ensuring exceptional service delivery. In my opinion, ORION is 18 months ahead of any other app in the marketplace."

The integration partnership between GBCblue and SynergyMMS is designed for longevity, with the customer service at the forefront, he said.

"SynergyMMS contains the word 'synergy' for a reason," Clark said. "Our software is designed to help the many departments in the hotel environment work together seamlessly. What hoteliers receive is an integrated solution that provides the tools necessary to help hotel staff work together better without increasing demands on their time. Behind the scenes intelligence allows the program to direct the flow of activity and keeps hotel staff constantly working toward the solution. When you combine the workflow intelligence of SynergyMMS with the mobile technology prowess of ORION/GORION, it translates into cost savings and labor reduction for hotel operators and streamlined guest-service efficiencies, problem solving and service delivery for guests.

"But the ORION/GORION/SynergyMMS integration partnership isn't about making GBCblue or System Associations look better, it's about delivering better service to our guests," he said. 

"We couldn't be more pleased with the results we've achieved through this integration partnership," Adkisson said. "In today's economic climate, the hospitality landscape won't survive without strategic integration partnerships such as the ones we've announced today."

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