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Comfort Suites Secures Guests and Savings with Combination of Security and Energy Management Solutions from VingCard Elsafe

  • ASSA ABLOY Hospitality
  • 10.29.10
VingCard Elsafe, a leading hospitality security provider and part of the ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Group, recently completed the installation of Orion by VingCard Elsafe, its new intelligent energy management solution; VISIONLINE, the company’s leading wireless RF-online system; and Signature RFID, its contactless electronic door locks with NFC cell phone compatibility, at the Comfort Suites in Gothenburg, Neb.

“Gothenburg attracts visitors from all corners of the United States for a mix of business and pleasure,” said Diana Unterseher, general manager of the Comfort Suites in Gothenburg. “In order to offer our guests the most convenience and best experience possible, we chose a combination of security and energy products that work together to provide the ultimate experience.”

The newest innovation by the security leader, Orion by VingCard Elsafe is an intelligent energy management solution, designed to reduce energy costs while ensuring guest comfort. Incorporating proprietary technology, the system’s intelligent thermostat detects whether a guest is in the room to automatically control room temperature and to seamlessly integrate energy management solutions as it adjusts temperature settings during an absence and changing it back to the desired temperature settings once guests return to their rooms. Additionally, the system provides hoteliers with preventative maintenance schedules and occupancy trends and reports, providing real-time feedback for staff on the entire property.

“Since energy is one of the biggest costs for hoteliers each year, we were searching for a way to save on energy costs without taking away from the guest experience,” said Unterseher. “By installing the intelligent energy management solution from VingCard Elsafe, we are able to save on costs while ensuring guest comfort. And since the system was designed to offer maximum functionality with VISIONLINE, VingCard’s wireless online system, we now have the added convenience of full security integration.”

Introduced to the market in 2006, VISIONLINE by VingCard offers a cost-effective solution for properties like the Comfort Suites Gothenburg to facilitate reliable wireless two-way communication from standalone electronic door locks to their host security and property management systems. Unlike off-line standalone locks, VISIONLINE by VingCard provides total security control from one central location, utilizing RF-online communication capabilities that eliminate the need to travel to each guestroom to perform tasks such as reprogramming individual locks, remotely cancelling guest and staff keycards with one click, or identifying and changing low batteries, as well the need for a guest to return to the front desk to change a room or extend his or her stay. By centralizing these functions, the Comfort Suites Gothenburg can expect to increase the overall productivity of hotel operations and the overall security. Also, VISIONLINE by VingCard components communicate with multiple rooms at once, reducing the number of network components required for installation when compared to other online technologies.
“While the property was concerned with energy and cost saving methods, their primary concern was for the guest’s ultimate comfort and satisfaction,” said George Winker, vice president of sales for ASSA ABLOY Hospitality, Inc. in North America. “By installing VISIONLINE by VingCard to work in conjunction with Orion, the property doesn’t have to choose. The two products work together seamlessly to create an efficient, reliable system providing ultimate control for hoteliers from one central location.”

Built on the ZigBee™ Standard ISO 802.15.4 high-security open platform – the only wireless, highly-secured and open standards-based platform to address the unique needs of low power monitoring and access-control network applications – VISIONLINE offers increased reliability and performance at an affordable cost. Operating on a reliable and secure platform like ZigBee also enables smooth interface and integration opportunities for other online devices such as safes, energy management and mini bars.

To complement the VISIONLINE system, the Comfort Suites Gothenburg also chose Signature RFID contactless electronic door locks, which offer highly reliable security features and provide unprecedented convenience and ease-of-operation for hoteliers and hotel guests alike. The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locks allow for contactless guest room entry and are compatible with next-generation NFC cell phones.

“This is the first time all three innovative solutions, Orion, VISIONLINE and Signature RFID have been installed at the same property for a fully integrated online solution,” said Winker. “The combination of the proven security solutions from VingCard with the company’s newest energy management innovation will provide unmatched security and energy efficiency, ensuring the Comfort Suites Gothenburg will be the first of many properties to choose the unmatched combination of solutions.”

Upon completing installation of Signature RFID, the Comfort Suites Gothenburg might choose to offer remote checkin to hotel guests with NFC-compatible cell phones, which would allow guests to skip the checkin line and instead use their NFC-enabled cell phones to unlock the guestroom door. Signature RFID is a secure open-platform system compatible with the three leading RFID ISO standards (ISO 14443A/MiFare, ISO 14443B, ISO 15693) and the new NFC transaction platform for cell phones.

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